Thursday, 22 November 2007

FI - 316

22 November 2007 - Family Integrity #316 -- CIR Update no 17

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Hi once again,

We had a massive week last week with Andy Moore and his team collecting a fantastic total of 5610 over the three days at the A & P show. They were ably assisted on Thursday by Craig Hill and on Friday by Bob McCoskrie who flew down from Auckland to help and that was very much appreciated.

The total for the week was over 8,000!

So the new total is now 225,052!

I think what we have learnt from Christchurch is that it is worthwhile getting a table inside these exhibitions if possible and forming a team to make a concentrated effort rather than operating from outside the gates. It is not always possible to get inside, but worth the cost when we do.

I am compiling a list of all the A & P shows occurring around the country before our target date of March 1st to collect the 300,000 signatures we need.

If you want to have a look now and see if there is one near you click on and you will find the schedules and contact details. The sooner we book a space the better.

Between now and Christmas there will be a number of cities which will have 'Christmas in the Park' type events. Do what you can to get a table set up there by contacting the organisers for permission. If it is in a public park ask the Council for permission to be on the side walk just outside where people are walking in. I have found our Council here in Tauranga very helpful with such permission so long as we do not block the path or harass anyone.

This weekend Barbara and I will head to Taupo for the Great Cycle Challenge where there are tens of thousands gathered. If anyone is interested in joining us for a fun day collecting please let me know. (my cell is 021864833)

Then on Dec 1st we have a table at the Fielding A & P show. Volunteers welcome.

All the best as you make plans for the holidays and time with your loved ones and family.

I will send one final update for this year after the Fielding show. Lets all do what we can to make that total as close to 250,000 as we can by then.


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