Tuesday, 27 November 2007

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27 Nov 2007

From Family First

If the Electoral Finance Bill is pushed through next week in its current form, we believe it will severely limit the speech of community organisations, special interest groups and individuals in an election year. Yet at the same time political parties will be able to take large anonymous donations and large amounts of taxpayer funding

We believe voters have the same right to be heard as political parties.

Please join us as we

MARCH against the

Electoral Finance Bill

Victoria Square Christchurch Wednesday (tomorrow) 12.30pm

Auckland Town Hall, Queen St Saturday 2pm

CLICK HERE http://www.familyfirst.org.nz/index.cfm/EFB for more details about why we oppose the Bill

Groups like Family First and other pro-family groups, churches and community groups will be significantly muzzled and restricted by this legislation - and for the whole of 2008! During an election year, we need to be able to promote and debate the pro-life, pro-family and pro-marriage messages.

Speak up now – before it’s too late

ps - if you are attending these marches and are available to assist in carrying our large banner, please email bob@familyfirst.org.nz. The last group who did it were on TV1 News!!


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