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FI -304

7 November 2007 - Family Integrity #304 -- Unity for Liberty: all good news

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Craig Smith

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Hi All,

It's been a Great start to the Challenge, and the best news is that it is still building. There is a a lot of information so I am going to as brief as I can.

Firstly, we still would like to see more volunteers. If you have a free Saturday let us know so we can plan ahead. This will make it much easier for our hard working coordinators, remember *2500 people x 10 signatures per Saturday = 100,000* and then we can all have Christmas off.

The web site has been updated with and now has a Photo Gallery with tables from around the country, some good ideas, please click here

Here's a testimony from Renton, we'll be adding him to the gallery when we receive some photos.

Hi Guys,
Got about 80 signatures by myself this morning at a market in 2½ hours. They will be in the mail later.Found the best call to get attention was:"Stop parents being made criminals for correcting their kids. Sign the petitions."
Had two signs up which could be read at a distance with:

the wording of the two petition questions
the statement: 'Sign the petitions!'
the statement : 'Did you know? Parents are now criminals for correcting their kids.'

When a person came to the table I would point to the two questions and say: "Two petitions to sign."
If they asked what they were about, I would say: "Should a smack be a criminal offence? If you answer 'no', then sign.", and "Should the Government look for the REAL causes of violence in families?"

Not sure of the last Saturday count, the good news is that our petition page is the most popular exit page on the web site. This would indicate that the petition form is being downloaded.

Confirmed results:

Christchurch - 222 signatures in 7 hours - big thanks to our two new volunteers!!!
Howick - 420 signatures
Papakura - 400 signatures
Pukekoe - 170 signatures
Tauranga - 160 signatures
Porirua - 80 signatures
Hawkes Bay - 223 signatures

Remember that this does not include different individuals who I know have been collecting quietly. They are out there.

There's been a Signature Bomb, A lovely couple from Fielding have registered, they have 500 signatures that they are about to send in(this is over and above Saturdays count). There will be other signature bombs out there.

Our coordinator of the week goes to Natalie from the Catlins, (trivia, how many Aucklander's know the location of Catlins? Clue- it's on the other side of the Bombay).
U4L encourages all to get in behind her, she's a gem and you will enjoy her enthusiasm and has some good ideas. She has not got the population to work with like we have in Auckland, so every 10 signatures it's probably worth 100 of ours, and she is not deterred.

Upcoming activities:

Rodney: Anna Mountain is back in the country and is about to weave some more of her magic, please click here
North Shore: a lot of work is happening behind the scenes, please click here
Manurewa: is about to fire, please click here
Pukekohe: locals are taking ownership, good stuff
Waiuku: about to fire as well
Hawkes Bay: venues have been confirmed, please click here
Christchurch: the tables are continuing and there are volunteers beginning to put up there hands, remember the table at the A&P Show, please click here
Catlins: some good ideas here, please click here

Again all coordinators need volunteers, if you have a spare day it won't be wasted, it's for the future of your children.

Thanks, there are some wonderful folk out there.

Craig Hill

Remember, "All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing" (Edmund Burke 1729-1797)

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