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FI - 307

13 November 2007 - Family Integrity #307 -- Flash of Insight

Dear Friends,

Let me share with you a recent conversation between a good friend of mine and an acquaintence of his. Reading this exchange caused me to have one of those rare flashes of insight, which I also share with you below.


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Our Home....Our Castle

if Section59 is repealed - or replaced...

Hi Craig,

Last Friday night we went out to the home of a couple who have three young children.

There were three couples there.

Over dinner we got to talking about s59 and the dilemmas it will throw up for Christians.

The host husband said he thought the whole debate was a storm in a tea cup!

I suggested it wasn't at all and that Christian parents now faced a real choice of either obeying God and correcting their children, or obeying man and not - a choice in this area I had not had to face and didn't want my kids to have to face.

The host wife said, that if it came down to having your children taken off you, you would have to obey man...

So there you go. The solution is easy. Obey man.


Gidday R ...,

This is the dilemma: and at last I see the flaw in the thinking: that if we obey God, men will -- not might -- take our children away from us. God is sovereign. He is also The Sovereign Who must -- not might -- be obeyed. We must obey, regardless of the consequences. I was set to leave NZ so that I could obey without the attendant danger, not the attendant certainty, of the state stealing my children. But the Lord shut that door, so I am staying on here in NZ, not happily I must add, but obediently and also expectantly. I expect the Lord to do great and mighty things, and if He can use me and my family as instruments of Righteousness, praise His Holy Name for such a marvellous privilege! Part of that expectation is of seeing the situation in NZ get far worse than it is now. Honestly, we ain't seen nothing yet. The enemy from the pit is manipulating the enemies in Parliament who willingly move to the devil's ideas. There will be much suffering and much damage to many families. We must be circling the wagons and hunkering down for the attacks, I believe, and also preparing for climbing out of the trenches and bomb shelters with our children and grandchildren who we have been training up and discipling in the meantime to take vital roles in the reconstruction of New Zealand once again as a Christian nation.


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