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FI - 314

20 November 2007 - Family Integrity #314 -- Good news of U4L update

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Hi All,

I am considering traveling down to Wellington for the electoral finance march on Wednesday, is there anyone who can help collect signatures at the beginning and end of the march? We had a good response in Auckland and expect the same in Wellington.
Could you please let me know if you are available, looking forward to meeting those from the area. contact craig@unityforliberty.net.nz


ph 021 746 113

Results from last week efforts....

Great week just gone:

Christchurch A&P
numbers Day one 680
Day two 2020
Day three 2910

Wellington 59
Porirua 100
Ellerslie Flower Show 213
Highland Games 280
Auckland March 530
North Shore 310
Manurewa 40

7142 Not bad, best week yet

This is what I enjoy reading....

Manning a table can be quite daunting first time up, Lynne from North Shore felt this. However that all changed quickly, she found the public very encouraging and 310signatures later she was heading home and looking forward to next week, well done.

Dear Craig,
Thank you for encouraging us to take part in collecting signatures for the petitions of Sheryl Savill and Larry Baldock for a Citizens Initiated Referendum.
We had six persons in our team, starting at 11am and finishing at 3pm. We had wonderful weather during the collection of signatures. At least 60% of the people that past us signed one or both petitions. We were situated along side the footpath near the back entrance of the Ellerslie Flowershow in the Manukau Botanical Garden at Manurewa. When we set up the table, we were told by the Traffic Warden at that point that we had to move away from the corner at the entrance to the show, as we would be a hindrance to the traffic flow to and from the show. We obeyed by moving five meters from the corner but leaving a sign on the fence at the corner. People were coming to our table as soon as we were set up. At times cued up during the day to have access to the four boards on the table. Within an half hour The traffic attendant came to us again telling us to move the signs from the fence as the bus drivers had complained about them. We moved the signs from the corner by a few meters, which must have satisfied the traffic Warden because we did not hear from him again. At 1pm I offered him an apple as we had lunch and he had not yet had his lunch. He thanked us for the kind offer but no he would get a free lunch soon. At three pm he permitted us to bring in our car to pick up the table, chairs and signs. He had also signed the petition that afternoon. We have collected 213 signatures for the Sheryl Savill petition and 194 signatures for the Larry Baldock petition. We had only positive comments from those who signed the petitions. We enjoyed the work, thanks for the opportunity.


All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing" (Edmund Burke 1729-1797)

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