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22 November 2007 - Family Integrity #315 -- A&P Show: thanks guys!

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Hi guys,

It's about 4 days since the A&P Show in Christchurch ended. I'm sorry I haven't sent this update out sooner, but I've been on dial-up internet for a week, plus been really busy, so haven't got round to it until now.

First of all, a huge thanks to our excellent team. I was especially impressed by four young ladies, who hadn't done this sort of thing before, but they launched themselves into it without any hesitation. Impressed doesn't do it justice, they had the arguments down to a T, calling out to people who were walking past and also getting out into the crowd with clipboards. You guys know who you are - so thanks heaps for your effort there!

Wednesday: 680 signatures
Thursday: 2,020 signatures
Friday: 2,910 signatures

Total for the A&P Show was 5,610. We smashed the record for all of New Zealand - thanks so much to you guys who made it happen. We went from needing 80,000 signatures to needing about 74,000 in just three days, absolutely spectacular effort!

A big thanks also has to go out to the mums who came along and helped. Five or six mums I think, from all over the south Island - fantastic!

Bob McCoskrie from Family First http;// and Craig Hill from Unity for Liberty both made time to fly down from Auckland and help us out - much appreciated!

Christchurch. I need people for this Saturday (24 November).

This Saturday we plan to collect signatures first in Hagley Park near the pedestrian overbridge into the Botanic Gardens (call 03 357 4599 to let us know if you can help with this), and...
Coca Cola Christmas in the Park is also on on Saturday night. I need a team of volunteers to collect signatures from people as they go into the concert.

These are two great opportunities people, don't let us down, get in touch with me - come along for even just 2 hours if you can, it all counts!

If you read this far down the email - pat yourself on the back for your non-apathetic attitude. Apathy among Christians and other thinking people is the number one reason why our country is in trouble. If you are active yourself, please try and get those around you to get a rocket under them. If you're not active yourself... well, please think seriously about this issue - the new anti-smacking law is a direct assult upon Christians, families, Churches, the Bible, you and me.

Auckland. The challenge is there for you. If the team up in Auckland can beat 2,910signatures in one day, there will be a few big boxes of chocolates heading up your way.

Remember. All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing. (Edmund Burke)

See you all again very soon at our next signature gathering event, has details of campaigns being run throughout New Zealand.

Kind Regards,
Andy Moore
phone: 021 1140 751
God Defend New Zealand

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