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FI - 305

9 November 2007 - Family Integrity #305 -- Family First - Help TV Companies Clean up their act

Dear Friends,

I know some of you already get this straight from Family First, so forgive me for sending it again. This really is important. I mean, we never, ever watch TV. We're far too busy doing other things to be concerned about TV boycotts, etc., and I decided long ago not to be involved. But this below is clearly only one incident among many, a particularly bad patch along the way down, signalling for all to see what is going to follow. Since our family deals regularly with Vodafone, Genesis Energy and Flight Centre, we cannot sit around and do nothing. This kind of garbage is watched by too many of our neighbours and their kids who then associate with our children. These neighbours go on to become so totally desensitised to this kind of thing, they consider it normal, and so we have the gross dysfunction in schools and public entertainment and advertising and legislation that we see now. It will only get worse.

So get busy boycotting and writing letters. Get your passports up to date, for a flight to Australia may be our only way out of this stuff one day. But better yet, let us join in personal and corporate repentance for having allowed this kind of thing to develop while we were looking the other way, being uninvolved. Let us pray for forgiveness for ourselves, wisdom and stamina to do what is needed to combat this stuff, and the wisdom and courage to develop and follow strategies to create environments wherein we can train up our selves and our children in relative freedom from this stuff and also to train up ourselves and our children to evangelise others to determine to be free from addiction to this stuff personally and to determine to help free New Zealand from this stuff permanently.


Craig Smith
National Director
Family Integrity
PO Box 9064
Palmerston North
New Zealand
Ph: (06) 357-4399
Fax: (06) 357-4389

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Sent: Thursday, November 08, 2007 11:00 PM
To: Craig Smith
Subject: Family First - Help TV Companies Clean up their act

08 Nov 2007
Hi Craig,

It's time television broadcasters cleaned up their act.
Let's give them some help!

Please join us in boycotting companies who advertised during the first episode of the pornographic Californication on TV3 last night - just the latest programme on the slippery slide of plummeting tv standards.

Believe me - it was SHOCKING!

Objectionable material included:
* four explicit sex scenes
* one involving violence
* full nudity
* teenage drug use
* constant foul language ('F' word 26 times)
* programme littered with explicit sexual talk and innuendo
* talk of beastiality
* inclusion of a very young girl as the lead character's daughter. This child is exposed to the worst effects of her father's sexual antics, including asking why her father's latest bedmate has no hair on her vagina
* the opening scene features the lead character having sex with a nun in a church


Please send them a short, polite note informing them:
* you're concerned about the increasing amount of objectionable and offensive material on tv, and the effect it's having on our communities and the safety of our families
* we need their help to 'clean up' television
* if they're concerned about declining standards, increasing sexual crime, pornography (including child pornography), drug and alcohol abuse, offensive language, degrading treatment of women, violence in our communities, they can help bring about change by spending their advertising dollar on postive pro-family programmes!
* until they declare that they are boycotting advertising during this programme, you will boycott their products and go to the competition

You can read the letter that we are sending the companies to inform them of the boycott HERE

Thank you for speaking up. Let us never be accused of having 'moral laryngitis'!!

Bob McCoskrie
National Director

Companies who advertised during the programme (and their contacts):
0800 103 400
0800 FERRIT (337748)

Genesis Energy
0800 300 400

Burger King
09 477 4300

Finish Dishwashing Liquid
(UK company)

(03) 768-4149

09 272 2700

Pascall (Cadbury)
0800 CADBURY (223 287)

0800 800 021

Flight Centre
0800 227 500

and 2 government departments - bit hard to boycott - but at least tell them your concerns!
Ministry of Economic Development
04 472 0030

NZ Police
Police Commissioner Howard Broad
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