Thursday, 3 May 2007

Snippets from a Press Release

Snippets from:

Rev Mike Weitenberg of the Wellington Metro Global Church Community, described it as a sugar-coated pill to cover a deadly blow to the New Zealand family.

"It's food for custody battles, it's food for neighbourhood disputes, it's food for false accusations against parents by children who can't get their own way.

"It's a family invasion, it's a cultural invasion and it's an invasion attacking democracy."

Wrestling with his conscience

Transport Safety Minister Harry Duynhoven last night revealed how close he came to crossing the floor over the Bradford bill.

Mr Duynhoven is one of Labour's more conservative MPs, and was frequently challenged by National MPs to vote with opponents of the bill.

"On this issue I have been more torn than any other issue we have debated in this House," he said.

"I have seriously considered whether I fitted still, whether my views and the basis of my value system were appropriate for the party I am in."

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