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5 May 2007 - Family Integrity #243 -- This makes me ill

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This kind of thing makes me ill. The big sell-out. These folks will relax over a latte. Many of us will be in panic mode, stressed to the max with sleepless nights, wondering how we can live in a country that says it is illegal for us to correct our children.

Please continue to write furiously to the MPs and paper editors.

I have been reminded by the Timaru riding crop lady that the Police are required to report any incident of "family violence" that comes to their notice. Once the bill goes through, even the lightest, most reasonable force used to correct your child (which under the present S.59 is the ONLY LEGALLY JUSTIFIED force you may use with your child), will be classed as "family violence". In addition, the Police are often FORCED by CYFS to prosecute, even when they don't want to. That was the case with the Timaru lady. That was also the case with Don & Ann Eathorne in Karamea last year....CYFS forced the Police to prosecute an incident that happened a couple of years earlier...they were convicted of the most minor of smacks to an open hand with a wooden spoon, because the judge felt a message needed to be sent to the NZ public. And now this exemplary couple have a criminal record, preventing them from travel, from work in many areas, etc. A true miscarriage of justice.

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