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30 December 2007

No.1 Issue for 2008 - Government Respect For Role of Parents

Family First NZ has identified government respect for parents as the number 1 issue for 2008.

“Politicians, with the support of UN Conventions, the Children’s Commissioner and Youth Law Project to name a few, have sought to increase children’s rights without considering the vital role of parents,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ. “Parents understandably feel undervalued, under-resourced and under suspicion.”

Recent examples include:

* a teenager who attempted to use the Care of Children Act to ‘divorce’ her parent because she didn’t like the family rules

* the Privacy Act being quoted by the Police as justification for hiding the whereabouts of a 16 year old runaway daughter from her concerned parents

* CYF and Police failing to prosecute a 21 year old who admitted having sex with a girl under the age of 12

* the anti-smacking law which sent a clear message to parents that the State and its agencies know better how to raise children even if parents are reasonably and responsibly correcting their children. (Ironically Sue Bradford stated in an interview last week that the law was never intended to solve the problem of child abuse and violence)

* continued lack of an independent CYF Complaints Authority despite repeated calls for one and an increasing number of families being adversely impacted by the actions and decisions of social workers (acknowledged by a recently released book by senior social workers) without an avenue of appeal for the parents

* children as young as five have been told off for bringing yoghurt, muesli bars, salad rolls and juice to school as over-zealous teachers try to enforce healthy eating rules - despite parents pleading to be allowed to give their children the occasional treat

* parents concerned about the graphic nature of information regarding the meningococcal B campaign provided to children at school, mostly without consent (study published in the New Zealand Medical Journal)

* a suggestion by National’s education spokeswoman Katherine Rich that the government should penalise parents who take their children out of school for a family holiday, yet failing to identify or target dysfunctional families where ongoing truancy is condoned or ignored by the parents

* proposal by the Children’s Commissioner to screen every child’s home, threatening to refer good parents who resist this intrusion, to social welfare agencies, while failing to target the real abusers and provide the necessary services for young and new parents

* young girls (some well under the age of sexual consent) being sneaked off by schools to get contraceptives or an abortion without any parental knowledge or consent yet these same kids have to get parental permission to go on a school trip to the zoo

Mr McCoskrie says “On one hand, a parent is responsible for the actions of their child in the community and school, and meeting their emotional, financial and physical needs, yet at the same time their role is being undermined, and weakened by laws and policies which bypass the input of parents and treat them like a sub-contractor.”

“The huge irony is that the more the state undermines the role and authority of parents, the less responsibility parents will feel they should take for their children,” says Mr McCoskrie.

“If the government wants parents to be responsible parents, they must firstly respect their role.”

Family First will continue to monitor policies from all the political parties in Election 2008 and test whether they support and strengthen the role of parents, or create a ‘rights’ culture which pits children (and the State) against their parents.

For More Information and Media Interviews, contact Family First:
Bob McCoskrie JP - National Director
Mob. 027 55 555 42

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Some child abuse cases in NZ - since Section 59 amended

Since the passing of the amendment to section 59, there has been a continual stream of child abuse cases including:

JUNE 2007

* About 1,500 babies in their mother's womb

* Porirua mum and step-father charged with mistreating 3 children, including 5 year old admitted to Wellington Hospital with serious head injuries

* 16 month old Remuera boy dies after beating while in care of relative. Sixteen-month-old Sachin died of head injuries suffered while being cared for by a relative in June. He spent three days connected to a life- support machine in Auckland's Starship children's hospital, before dying on June 21. An autopsy revealed he died from blunt force trauma to his head. and

* 28-year-old woman charged with murdering a newborn baby found dead in the backyard of a Te Mome Road property in Alicetown.

* Death of 22 month old Tokoroa girl from severe burns – being cared for by step-father. Claims was burnt in hot shower but 17 hour delay before arriving at hospital. Still under investigation.

*An 18-month-old West Auckland toddler is in hospital with serious arm and leg injuries suffered on separate occasions and up to a month before medical treatment was sought.

*Dad allegedly made girls fight for right not to be beaten. A Hastings father gave his daughters boxing gloves and told them to fight – with the loser to get "a hiding", a court was told. The sisters, aged 11 and 13, donned the red gloves and began punching each other in the lounge till the oldest started crying.

JULY 2007

* About 1,500 babies in their mother's womb

* Hawkes Bay father shoots daughter with air rifle. Convicted and jailed for 6 months

* Christchurch mum-of-two found at P Lab. Charged with failing to provide necessaries of life and allowing home to be used for manufacturing P

* 3-year-old Rotorua girl seriously ill after 3 weeks of abuse by stepfather and extended family - now died

* A second Rotorua child - a 12-week-old baby - is in the Starship with suspicious head injuries.

*Boy, 8, kicked for being 'too slow' eating dinner

*Five-year-old high on P in drug house. Police found a five-year-old boy high on P during a raid on a drug house where methamphetamine was being cooked in a bedroom.


* About 1,500 babies in their mother's womb

* Police will tomorrow arrest a Putaruru man for allegedly using weapons to beat his two stepsons aged 13 and 14, regularly over nine months, leaving them with bruises all over their upper body.

* A five-week-old girl with multiple breaks to both arms is the latest suspected child-abuse case being investigated by Christchurch police.

*A woman accused of failing to provide the necessaries of life to her 6-week-old baby has pleaded with a court to get the child back.... She has been charged with neglecting her legal duty to provide necessaries for her 6-week-old son in a way that endangered his life....Police said they had been told Kahotea-Jones took the baby to the park on an extremely cold winter's day dressed only in light clothing.

*Throwing pepper in a six-year-old boy's eyes as a punishment was an unthinking act, done under extreme stress, Lower Hutt District Court was today. Craig Leslie Ozich, 31, was sentenced by Judge John Walker to 150 hours' community service after pleading guilty to assault on a child...Judge Walker said Ozich had been boarding at a house where the boy and his mother lived.


* About 1,500 babies in their mother's womb

* Yet Another Child Abuse Story. Catherine Lawson from Jigsaw, National Consultant, National Infrastructure for Children and Youth (NICY) who Witness Family Violence, speaks out following the recent case where a small three year old girl, nicknamed “Pumpkin”, who has been identified as a 3 year old child who has been living in a family violence environment.

* Police investigating baby death - Jyniah Te Awa. South Auckland police are investigating two houses following the death of a 10-month-old baby girl. The girl was taken to hospital from a Manurewa address on Sunday. and and


* About 1,500 babies in their mother's womb

* VICTIM OF CURSE RITUAL: Janet Moses, 22, of Wainuiomata, was the mother of two little girls. She is thought to have drowned during an exorcism ceremony. A 14-year-old girl nearly died in the ritual that killed Wainuiomata mother Janet Moses. A total of six people were exorcised last month as relatives tried to drive out a makutu, or Maori curse, thought to have been sparked by the theft of a statue. The 14-year-old - a cousin of Ms Moses - was admitted to hospital before being taken into Child, Youth and Family care. Girl's eyes gouged to get rid of devil. A 14-year-old who nearly died during an exorcism needed emergency treatment to save her sight after relatives scratched at her eyes to remove the devil. The girl is a cousin of Janet Moses, the woman who died during the October 12 ceremony to lift a Maori curse. The girl had chunks gouged from her eyeballs.

November 2007

* About 1,500 babies in their mother's womb

* A mother who left her two- and four-year-old children to wander the streets unsupervised and hungry has been sentenced to community work. They also reported the children wandering outside, unsupervised and hungry, and not being able to find anything in the house but beer. Sometimes the children had injuries, including a burn to the cheek and black eyes.

* Pregnant at 11: Kiro cites girl's case in abuse plea - 19 November 2007
The case of a girl who became pregnant at 11 and had her baby when she was 12 was cited by Children's Commissioner Cindy Kiro today when she made a plea for people to speak up against child abuse.

December 2007

* About 1,500 babies in their mother's womb

*Baby clings to life as police investigate injuries A two-month-old girl is clinging to life in Auckland's Starship Hospital as police investigate how she came to receive critical head injuries. Her two-year-old sister was taken into CYF care after her parents drove the baby to Middlemore Hospital on Friday afternoon. The baby was transferred to Starship the same day, with fears she would not survive. Detective Senior Sergeant David Lynch said it was unclear how the baby received her injuries. "We're keeping an open mind at the moment."
and and and

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Media - tvnz

Smacking law political issue of 2007

Dec 27, 2007 7:56 AM

The smacking debate was politically the biggest issue of the year, with politicians pitted against parents who say they are sick of being told by the government how to run their lives.

The anti-smacking legislation was introduced by Greens MP Sue Bradford and she says what followed was a lesson in just how brutal politics can be.

For months, New Zealand screens were bombarded with news of the Anti-Smacking Bill, with some supporting the bill and seeing it as a means to help stop the rampant child abuse in New Zealand and many others seeing it as a means of the government controlling how parents bring up their children.

Those who were against the bill were more louder and showed their discontent by protesting up and down the country, but the protests were in vain as by May, MP Sue Bradford's anti-smacking law became a reality in parliament by 113 votes to seven.

It was a hard won fight for the Green MP and for Labour, which removed the defence of reasonable force for parents who hit their kids.

National opposed the bill but agreed to a compromise, leading to one of the strangest moments at parliament with Helen Clark sharing the podium with her number one political rival John Key.

There were a lot of whacky moments during the Anti-Smacking Bill becoming law.

Death threats were issued to Bradford and there was also a smack free town, with Ngongotaha claiming to be the first in the country.

MP Gordon Copeland quit his party because it supported the bill, but then forgot to go to parliament for the final vote and was slammed for not understanding the bill after he claimed that the average parent in New Zealand would be subject to criminal charges for even a light smack.

But nothing of the sort has happened - not yet at least.

In fact Bradford says there have been just two prosecutions since the bill was passed and one other case where police investigated but went no further.

"The law appears to be working perfectly and in line with what we intended... there were gross exaggerations and ridiculous lies about what would happen as a consequence of my bill going through. Those fears, those lies have not come to fruition," says Bradford.

But her opponents disagree.

"I think the politicians were suckered into an ideology that it felt good. It seemed like the solution to our child abuse problems but our experience is that it's had no effect on child abuse rates and we've had five child abuse deaths since the passing of the bill... In fact while the bill was being passed Nia Glassie was being hung on a washing line," says Bob McCroskie from Family First NZ.

The debate continues to goes on and many are saying it could heat up once again as a petition is already doing the rounds, which could mean the issue comes up in a referendum when voters go to the polls next year.

Friday, 28 December 2007

FI - 333 - Petitions in Christchurch on Saturday

28 December 2007 - Family Integrity #333 - Petitions in Christchurch on Saturday

Here is tomorrow's Summer Challenge for those in the Christchurch area.

Craig Smith
National Director
Family Integrity
Ph: (06) 357-4399
Fax: (06) 357-4389

Our Home....Our Castle

-----Original Message-----
From: Andy Moore []
Sent: Friday, December 28, 2007 11:08 AM
Subject: Petitions in Christchurch on Saturday

Hi everyone,

I'm hoping we can run more than one table in Christchurch tomorrow.

Help us make the 250,000 mark before the end of the year... we're almost there!

Up in Auckland and Tauranga they are doing a fantastic job, with someone out manning a table almost every day of the week.

Please get in touch with me asap if you can help out at a table in Christchurch tomorrow.

"Let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart." - Paul (Galations 6:9)

Andy Moore
phone: 021 1140 751
God Defend New Zealand

FI - 322 - U4L, summer challenge

28 December 2007 - Family Integrity #332 -

-----Original Message-----
From: Craig Hill []
Sent: Friday, December 28, 2007 8:26 AM
Subject: U4L, summer challenge

Hi all,

Let the Summer Challenge Begin Click here for more information

Just received this photo from Larry Baldock, he isn't wasting any time. Apparently, he even managed a swim. 150 signatures in two hours, not bad going.

Craig Hill
021 746 113

"All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing" (Edmund Burke 1729 - 1797)

Join with others and take up this Summer Challenge.

Craig Smith
National Director
Family Integrity
PO Box 9064
Palmerston North
New Zealand
Ph: (06) 357-4399
Fax: (06) 357-4389

Our Home....Our Castle

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FI - 331- U4L, Happy Christmas

24 December - Family Integrity #331 -- U4L, Happy Christmas

-----Original Message-----
From: Craig Hill []
Sent: Monday, December 24, 2007 5:12 PM
Subject: U4L, Happy Christmas

Hi All,


Happy Christmas to everyone. I would like to take this moment to thank all who have placed their hand to the plow.

Unity for Liberty extended the invitation to join Novembers "Great New Zealand Table Challenge" . We always knew "The Challenge" would start a little slowly but were confident that as more folk came on board and had a taste, the momentum would grow. This has happened.

Larry Baldock informs us that at the beginning of November there were 212,000 signatures in the bank, our current account is now officially 245,291 signatures. And this does not include last weeks take, see below.

There is no reason that can't achieve 250,000 signatures before New Years Day, What a milestone.

Through the hard work of many dedicated volunteers our equation will have gone from 2500 people x 10 signatures per Saturday of November = 100,000 signatures

Now it will be approx:
1325 people nationwide x 5 signatures per Saturday of January and February = 53,000 signatures.


The response from those who have already collected will be: "Hey, that's just a mornings work for the whole quota".(1hr-2hrs tops)

Here is an example: "Today 3 teens got nearly 200 sigs in the streets of Rangiora. No table, just walking around with clipboards politely asking people. You don't need to ask anyone's permission for a table spot, and by asking people I think we get a better response rate. I wish we'd got started earlier.
Is it something you could get a youth group involved in?? Promise ice creams afterwards???

Shows you how simple it is!!!

Week update:
Porirua 150
Wellington 97
North Shore 519
Tauranga 100
Henderson 88
Papakura 250
Pukekohe 240
Rangiora 200
Catlins 70
1714 Total (not included in official count)

Please do not be fooled by the recent Police review and the media. It has been reported that the court has not been inundated with cases so the law is working. This is not the full story.

Firstly, they claim there has only been 15 investigations, but we are almost averaging one story a week from one table. The report also goes on to say that "an absence of a notification on a Police file does not necessarily mean that no notification was made."

I was speaking to a prominent Party leader's secretary, she made this comment "The police are required to investigate all reports", this is a classic case of "If we ask the wrong questions we will arrive at the wrong answer". Read on

There is a very disturbing trend that is developing in this country, this law, rather than being tested in the courts of the land, appears that it is being enforced by fear and intimidation from our Police Force. Recently a Grandmother was threatened with arrest just for restraining a 2 yr old from running on the road. The Officer made it very clear "I will let you off this time but next time I will arrest you". But there's more, this will test the above Police review figures. When the officer moved on, another woman (unsure if she was a mum or gran) come up and said, "They aren't kidding, they escorted me to the Police Station and interviewed me for the same thing last week."

We have since been made aware of more similar stories, they have been forwarded to Bob McCoskrie at Family First, please forward all stories to Bob, for him protection of the victim is more important than the story, he is a trusted person.

The secretary above, like the rest of us, assumed the police will only be investigating reported cases, who would have thought they themselves would become proactive and start intimidating grandmothers, and this was INCONSEQUENTIAL.

A solo mum, also a New Zealand citizen, who has not broken any law, the police chose to investigate her history through social services and then chose to challenge her parenting skills. She then went to complain to her local MP about her treatment, only to receive a phone call from the Police District Commander, "don't bother wasting the MP's time".

We pay out taxes to be protected by our police, now innocent New Zealanders are being attacked.

Unity for Liberty will be presenting our own review assessed from the trail of devastation that is being left behind from this Bad Law.

Let's collect these signatures and keep the politicians honest,

Craig Hill

"All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing" (Edmund Burke 1729-1797)

radionz -MP3

Here is an easier way to find the interview between Larry Baldock and Sue Bradford:

Smacking Bill Report
A three month snapshot reveals there has been no increase in the number of cases police have had to deal with.
File Size:2.1MB
Date: (Fri, 21 Dec 2007 07:42:00 +1300

FI - 330 CIR Update no 18

24 December 2007 - Family Integrity #330 -- CIR Update no 18

-----Original Message-----
From: Larry Baldock []
Sent: Sunday, December 23, 2007 7:57 PM
Subject: CIR Update no 18

Merry Christmas

You may remember in my last update no 17 when we had 225,000 I said that hopefully we would be as close to 250,000 as possible before the end of the year.

Well congratulations to all those who have worked hard during December. The "Christmas in the Park" type events have been fruitful for collecting and we can now enjoy a holiday and Christmas dinner knowing that ......

.................our new Total is 245,291

We are aware that there are as many as 2,000 signatures collected already that simply have to be mailed in after Christmas, so we should be able to be very near our target of 250,000 before the end of the month. Just yesterday Barb and I collected 250 in 2.5 hrs on a busy street corner here in Tauranga.

That will be a quarter of a million signatures and as I said to Sue Bradford on Morning report last Friday, "We are going to have a referendum where all New Zealanders can have their say."

When I raised the point with her that there did not seem to be any increase in prosecutions of the real child abusers, Sue Bradford said "my bill was never meant to solve that (child abuse and child violence) problem."

If you are then left wondering what the law change was all about, you can answer that question pretty easily by listening to the rest of her comments, or should I say ranting and raving about hitting and beatings. She leaves no doubt in my mind that the plan was always to eradicate any form of parental discipline, and that it won't be long before even occasional smacking will not be tolerated by the police.

You can hear the interview from Friday 21st December on

and then click on smacking bill report at 7.42am.

A special note of thanks is due to Unity for Liberty's Craig Hill along with all the volunteers that have been linked with them and what they have generated in the last two months. At the end of October in Update no 15 when we announced Craig's idea for the 'Great NZ table challenge we had 212,591.

So that's 32,000 generated so far in the last two months. (Nov 12,000; Dec 20,000)

Remember we were able to collect 200,000 in the first four months, so with the momentum building once again we can have confidence to believe we will reach our goal of 300,000 by March 1.

Our success will be due to the fact that we are working as a team with so many individuals and organisations and I am very grateful to you all for your support this year. Barbara and I have been enriched by meeting so many of you up and down the country.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas with your families and a great start to the New Year.

Warm regards.
Larry & Barbara Baldock

Friday, 21 December 2007


Smacking Review No Measure
Friday, 21 December 2007, 11:09 am

The Family Party says a review depicting low numbers of smacking related incidents over three months since the anti-smacking law came into affect is not necessarily a measure of the impact the controvercial law is having on New Zealand families.

The three-month review found police issued nine warnings to parents who have smacked their kids after attending 15 cases of reported smacking. The 15 cases were determined not to be in the public interest to prosecute and warnings were given out in nine cases. Two cases were referred to family violence coordinators, four were referred to Child, Youth and Family, three were referred to inter-agency case management meetings and one was referred to Family Works for family support.

Family Party leader Richard Lewis says while reported incidents don’t appear to be high, there is a genuine sense of concern amongst parents who fear unwarranted state intervention if they smack their children in circumstances that would have formerly been considered reasonable and acceptable.

“Based on this report, there are a number of families now experiencing different levels of state intervention because they have come to the attention of the police. What the report wont show is the general sense of disempowerment and vulnerability that many parents are feeling in their homes. What’s worse is that there is no longer a ‘last line of defence’ for responsible parents facing allegations of assault in the home. The irony is, section 59 would not have protected individuals who have used excessive force. The difference is police have become judge and jury, which is not fair on them and is not necessarily comforting for parents,” says Mr Lewis.

He says that those parents who had been warned would likely face prosecution if they came to the attention of the police again under similar circumstances. He also referred to a recent survey that revealed three-quarters of parents smacked; meaning the future risk of a parent being unfairly incriminated was high (Christchurch Health and Development Study).

“Despite the outcome of this review, the principle remains that the overwhelming majority of kiwi parents opposed the section 59 amendment but it was rammed through anyway, in a manner that has come to characterise this government. So any reports to justify their heavy-handed approach to New Zealand families are hardly going to be taken seriously,” he added.


Media bans smacking
Posted 4 hours 38 minutes ago

The Spanish Congress has passed a bill that bans parents from smacking their children.

Spanish law had allowed parents to 'reasonably and moderately correct their children'.

But the Socialist government has voted to delete that clause in order to remove any ambiguity.

The conservative opposition party voted against the change on the grounds that it would leave parents powerless to discipline their children.

Of Europe's 46 member states, 16 have already banned smacking at school and in the home.


FI - 329

21 December 2007 - Family Integrity #329 -- Unity for Liberty: collecting signatures

-----Original Message-----
From: Andy Moore []
Sent: Friday, December 21, 2007 9:06 AM
Subject: Re: Unity for Liberty: collecting signatures
Hi everyone,

Just a quick update (and call for volunteers) for the team in Christchurch. (Auckland & Otago people, I'm forwarding this on to you also to keep you in the loop :)

We're getting closer to having 250,000 signatures, a jump from 236,100 signatures which was how many we had when I sent out the last email. (See the "signature thermometer" on the Unity for Liberty website for the most recent count). We here in Christchurch however, can take little or no credit for these impressive numbers, as there is not much effort being made in Christchurch.

One fantastic young woman came along for the first time last Saturday, and with my dad and I, pulled in 301 signatures. Thanks Erica!

Anyway... :) would be fantastic to see you there this Saturday, 22 December. It's Dad's birthday, but he won't take the day off, because there's no-one else to help out. Just give me a buzz on 021 1140 751, 03 357 4599 or and we will get moving!

This Saturday - lets go from about 9:30am til 2:30pm, with people most welcome to stay later if they like, but the best time is around the lunch-hour, when the city really gets bustling. I've got 3 tables, plenty of signs, plenty of petition boards and pens. We just need you guys now, so get back to me asap, as I need to book a couple of spots with the City Council.

Please make sure to forward this on to anyone else you think may be interested.

A quick note regarding the "3 month review" of the new anti-smacking law, by the Police Force. They claim that there have only been 9 "warnings" from 15 cases in the past three months. The actual number of mothers and grandmothers being traumatised by police-interference in their lives is actually much higher than this however, and we are finding that police are even pre-empting parents in some cases. Remember, the law is currently being used very carefully - in a short period of time, between two and five years, this damaging law will be being applied to it's fullest extent, resulting in many families (especially Christian/home-educating families) having their children removed from them, and in many cases never to be seen again.

Remember, "All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing" - Edmund Burke.

Kind Regards,
Andy Moore
phone: 021 1140 751
God Defend New Zealand.


20 December 2007

Family First Rubbishes Police Review on Smacking Law

Family First NZ is labelling the review on the smacking law released today as inaccurate and misleading.

"The police report claims that, on average, one smacking complaint is being dealt with by the police each week nationwide," says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ. "This is totally false and simply reflects the fact that many calls that police are attending are being deemed so inconsequential that the police attending are not even recording the information in the database."

The report says that "an absence of a notification on a Police file does not necessarily mean that no notification was made."

"Recent research from Christchurch School of Medicine shows that up to 80% of parents are continuing to smack their children without abusing them. And people who are collecting signatures for the Referendum against the anti-smacking law are regularly being told of parents being investigated by police. In one half hour period, one collector was told of three investigations alone, two of them on grandparents.

"If there is really only one complaint a week as claimed, we really need to be asking why the politicians spent so much time, energy and debate on a law that had so little need - or effect," says Mr McCoskrie.

"And meanwhile, child abuse continues with five child abuse deaths since the passing of the law including Nia Glassie, 16 month old Sachin Dhani, and ten-month-old Jyniah Mary Te Awa from Manurewa."

"The smacking law has failed to stem the tide of child abuse, but has targeted many good parents and grandparents with the trauma and fear of police investigation and CYF involvement.

Nine cases alone notified to Family First have been documented on their website:

Family First believes that the full weight of the anti-smacking law will not be felt until after the election – to avoid further political fallout. Currently, there are approximately 245,000 signatures on a petition demanding Referendums on smacking and addressing the real causes of child abuse.


For More Information and Media Interviews, contact Family First:

Bob McCoskrie JP - National Director
Tel. 09 261 2426 | Mob. 027 55 555 42

Blog - section59.blogspot

From Section59.blogspot:
Police Report out on "anti-smacking" law
The long awaited police review of the "anti-smacking" law is out.

There has been a slight increase in smacking cases.

Check out graph here:


Three month review of Police activity following the enactment of the Crimes Substituted Section 59) Amendment Act 2007(
1:57pm 20 December 2007

Police have undertaken a three month review of the amendment of section 59 of the Crimes Act (the Smacking Bill) to gauge the impact on police activity.

During the period 23 June 2007 to 28 September 2007 there was no increase in the number of smacking events Police attended with three in each three month period and an increase of two events of "minor physical discipline."

Deputy Commissioner, Rob Pope says claims that the repeal of section 59 of the Act would lead to the prosecution of parents and the removal of children from their homes as a result of minor acts of physical discipline have proved unfounded.

"While this is only a three month snapshot I am confident that police are taking the same common sense approach to these events as we always have, with officers using their discretion to ensure the appropriate action is taken."

In total over the three month period police attended 111 child assault events, three of which involved "smacking" and 12 of which involved "minor acts of physical discipline".

All of the 15 cases were determined to be inconsequential and therefore not in the public interest to prosecute. However warnings were given out in nine cases.

Two of the cases were referred to Family Violence Co-ordinators, four were referred to Child, Youth and Family, three were referred to inter-agency case management meetings and one was referred to Family Works for family support. Seven of the cases were not referred to another agency. NB one case was referred to more than one agency.

Mr Pope said Police would continue to monitor the impact the amendment was having on a six monthly basis to ensure that any issues that arose could be addressed promptly.

The review report can be accessed here:

Jon Neilson
04 474 9482

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Some Normal Families caught up with Police and CYFs since Section 59 amended

Check out earlier cases here:



**Grandmother Warned by Police After Grabbing Grandchild Running onto Road South Auckland. This grandmother had to prevent her 2 year old grandson from running onto the road by grabbing his arm and pulling him back to the footpath. She was petrified that her grandson could be run over. A police officer witnessed her and said she was breaking the law by grabbing him. She was let off with a warning but was told that if it ever happened again, they would prosecute her. She had recently lost a friend’s child (6) to a train crash. (Takanini) She now puts him in the pram to avoid getting arrested. Her family is horrified by what's happened and she's now concerned about taking her grandchildren out in public. She feels she's been publicly humiliated. Another grandmother came up to her and said she'd been interviewed by the police for giving her 4 year old grandson a smack on the bottom in Countdown for swearing at her. The woman was taken to the police station to be interviewed.

** Passerby Reports Squealing Child Auckland. Tanya had two police officers arrive on her doorstep as she was hosting visitors on a Saturday night. The police informed her that a ‘passer by’ had heard a child being smacked and subsequently screaming. They could not tell the mum what day this occurred on, what time or who the person was. She explained to them that her 9 year old daughter squeals when she plays, particularly when outside on the trampoline with her brother. She likes to play hard with her 13 year old brother – and inevitably she sometimes gets hurts – and performs! The mum says the passer-by could have heard her children 'playing' – “do I have to stop them having fun??” “We don't smack our kids (or if we have in the past, it has been minor) and this incident did not occur. I informed the officers accordingly. They insisted that they needed to see my daughter. I informed them that she was now with her father as we share custody. I gave them full contact details. They told me they would have to go around there to check she was OK.” “I have found the whole episode to be extremely distressing. I felt completely humiliated to literally be accused of child abuse and have now found it hard to sleep at night at it has upset me so much - how I look after and care for my children is being questioned. On hearsay I am now a guilty person. This new law is ending up with a lot of good innocent parents being wrongfully accused. This law needs to be changed.”\

** We also know of a family where CYFs has taken the daughter because she was smacked when swore at her mother.

** Eight year old’s Class Taught to Dob in Parents – Behaviour Deteriorates
Hawkes Bay
. The police went to a local primary school and did a session on “Keeping Ourselves Safe.” During the session, the policeman told this particular class of 7 and 8 year olds that parents couldn’t smack them, and that if they did, they should immediately tell the teacher. This was not the only school in the area where this message was given. Within the next few days, this solo mum’s 8 year old daughter who had been in this session and who had had a ‘clean’ record at school all year was stood down for kicking the teacher in the leg. She also kept telling her mother “you can’t make me do anything - you can’t smack me”, following the lesson. Her older child (10) also told the mother that “you can’t make me go to school.”
The mother went to the police to clarify what they had said and to tell them the difficulties she'd had since their visit to the school. The Sergeant was obliging and said he would sort it out by sending the officer involved to speak to the girls and reinstate her authority. An angry phone call from the officer followed to the mother, questioning whether she had a problem with the smacking law. Two days later 2 male officers arrived to supposedly reinstate the mother’s authority but instead they questioned her parenting skills and told her they had investigated her background with a variety of community organisations. They had her in tears and she found them intimidating and degrading. They also proceeded to tell the children their rights. Yet amazingly the police said to the mother the daughter deserved a smack after kicking the teacher. The mother in desperation at her treatment spoke to her local MP, & was then contacted by the District Commander of the Police who told her not to go complaining to the MP because he had better things to do. The mother was traumatised by all this, and has laid a formal complaint with the Police but to no avail.

**Mother Investigated After 4 Year Old Smacked For Running Out on Road West Auckland Jackie’s 4 year old ran across the road outside a busy supermarket when she saw a friend on other side of road. The mum smacked her on the bottom once to show her how dangerous her actions were. A member of the public challenged the way she had disciplined her child, took her vehicle registration, and the mum was visited by police two days later. She felt like a criminal and embarrassed by it all. She said “please don’t take my daughter” to the police. They did a police check to see if it had happened before. The Police (who had kids as well) told the mum they felt it was a waste of time. The daughter said “what’s wrong mummy,” and was upset by it all.

FI - 328

18 December 2007 - Family Integrity #328 -- U4L; Weekend Results

-----Original Message-----
From: Craig Hill []
Sent: Monday, December 17, 2007 9:51 PM
Subject: U4L; Weekend Results

Hi All,

Gentle reminder, please post all signatures, we are after 250,000 as soon as possible. We are so close to a huge milestone. The irony is, we almost have the equivalent in signatures as the people who supported this bad law.

Gentle reminder, have you passed on "the lady in the Greens Tent email", We need all possible signatures. (if you do not have a copy of this email you can download it from (Note: My spam filter won't let this one in, so I have been unable to forward it, sorry: Craig Smith.)

Good numbers this week

Auckland 1120
North Shore 305

Wellington 197
Hawkes Bay 182

West Coast 68
Christchurch 301
Rangiora 198
Porirua 85

2456 total

I spoke to Larry Baldock today, he had 500 plus, there were also a number of folk collecting in Hamilton. These numbers are not in the above figures.

There also seems to be more interest out there, all the hard work is starting to pay off. WELL DONE.

Encouraging news.

A lady and two teenagers took to the streets of Rangiora, this was their first time, and boy did they jump in the deep end. No tables, just with clip boards, courageous stuff.

Here's her response.

Yes, we're on the mailing list. I know, it's incredible. I wish I'd got started earlier - once I wound myself up to do it the first time it was much easier after that. Is it worth personally asking HE teens you know? Teens are more likely to see it as rather fun. Sam and Coralie were with me today (both teens). It was me who got tired first and thought it was time to stop. Coralie said "It's addictive once you get going". If you can just get people to go for an hour, once, they realise it's not so bad and are willing to go again.

Several people in Rang said they'd already signed it at the Show

We haven't tried a table - I think we get a better success rate going up to people and asking them "What to you think of Bradford's anti-smacking bill?" Then as soon as they make the first indication that they don't think too much of it, you say "Would you sign this petition asking for a referendum on the matter?" If they don't swear enthusiastically and grab the pen and clipboard from you, then only a nudge or two extra is needed (like, "so everyone can have their say, rather than just the politicians"), and they nod in agreement and sign it. My estimate is that only 5% of Rangiorians are in favour of the new law, 5% are too busy or apathetic or are unwilling to put their name on paper about it, and 90% are happy to sign.
We have 2 clipboards each in case of couples. We don't engage in any debate, just smile and walk on if people don't want to sign.

Keep up the fantastic work you're doing.


Craig Hill

All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing" (Edmund Burke 1729-1797)

Monday, 17 December 2007

FI - 327

16 December 2007 - Family Integrity #327 -- psychological abuse

Dear Friends,

Dangerous new legislation is being suggested in this article. As some of those quoted in the article say, psychological abuse is much more difficult to define. It will most certainly be used as a weapon between warring parents, for I already hear too many of the sad stories of warring parents using home education as a weapon one against the other. And if parents can use it against each other, so can the state. If this idea goes through, watch for some state agent to start lobbying for home education and/or Christian Biblical training to be classed as psychological abuse.

Craig Smith

New rules could instantly bar parents from kids
New weapon in tug-of-love cases
Sunday Star Times | Sunday, 16 December 2007

Warring parents are set to gain a new lever to bar their partner from access to the children. Ruth Laugesen and Emma Page report.

Parents could be instantly banned from any contact with their children for months at a time under new proposals to allow claims of psychological abuse to be treated in the same way as allegations of violence in family breakdowns.

And, in much the same way as the anti-smacking debate divided opinion, experts are warning the proposals could cause problems for the Family Court when it tries to decide the difference between psychological abuse and normal and necessary parental control.

Under current laws, violence allegations result in an immediate, temporary ban on the accused parent from having access to his or her children, or having only supervised access, until the allegations can be heard a process which can take months. The law change would mean a claim of psychological abuse would be treated the same way.

The proposal, in a Ministry of Justice discussion paper released last week, suggests widening the Care of Children Act to recognise psychological abuse as another form of violence.

About 10,500 applications for day-to-day care are made each year and at this time of year, family lawyers are also dealing with an influx of calls over Christmas Day access arrangements.

About 125,000 Kiwi families with dependent children are headed by a solo parent and one in six New Zealand children lives in a blended family with a step-parent.

South Auckland lawyer Paul Maskell, chair of the Law Society's family law section, said it often took three months for the truth of an allegation to be settled. And he said that although widening the definition of violence to include psychological abuse had some merits, it also carried the risk that it would be used as a lever by warring partners.

"It will make that task harder for judges to determine whether children are safe when you extend that definition. Physical violence is pretty easy to identify it is or it isn't. One wants to be able to ensure the right evidence is available for the court in the first place," he said.

The paper said psychological abuse could include "intimidation, harassment, controlling behaviour, threats of physical abuse and also includes causing or allowing a child to see or hear the physical, sexual or psychological abuse of a person with whom the child has a domestic relationship".

"The nature of parental control and responsibility for children may make it difficult in some situations to determine whether a parent is abusive or simply exercising necessary parental control," the discussion paper said.

Expanding the definition might lead to an increase in allegations and counter-allegations of violence and also to an increase in orders for supervised contact or orders of no contact between the violent party and the child. "The impact of such orders can be significant, severely limiting or preventing contact between a parent and a child," the paper said.

However, Auckland family lawyer Geoff Harrison said he believed the law change would make no difference.

He said judges already took into account a wide range of information relating to a child's welfare and the parent's attitude when they decided who would look after a child or have access. This included psychological abuse.

Craig Smith
National Director
Family Integrity
PO Box 9064
Palmerston North
New Zealand
Ph: (06) 357-4399
Fax: (06) 357-4389

Our Home....Our Castle

if Section59 is repealed - or replaced...

Friday, 14 December 2007

FI - 326

14 December 2007 - Family Integrity #326 -- Family First - Do you know just how close we are!!!

Dear All,

I know some of you already receive this, so please forgive me forwarding it again.

Craig Smith

-----Original Message-----
From: []
Sent: Friday, December 14, 2007 7:45 AM
To: Craig Smith
Subject: Family First - Do you know just how close we are!!!

To view the information below with graphics then click on this link direct to Family first website:

14 Dec 2007
Hi Craig,


On March 1 2007, we helped launch the petitions to demand a Referendum on Child abuse and the criminalisation of good parents who use a smack for correction.

We need to gain 300,000 signatures by March 1 2008 on each of the following statements:

As at this week, we have approximately 239,000 signatures on each petition. Just about there!!

So, in combination with other groups, we've launched the SUMMER CHALLENGE!

If everyone who received this email alert collected just 20 signatures on each petition, we would reach our target. It's that simple.

I asked my local cafe owner to put the petition forms (CLICK HERE with an explanation sheet (CLICK HERE on the counter, and he has collected over 100 signatures just like that! Do you know a shop owner or retailer who can simply leave the explanation sheet and petition forms on the counter?

Family First NZ is joining with Unity for Liberty, Focus on the Family, Sensible Sentencing Trust, For the Sake of our Children Trust and other groups in inviting all concerned New Zealanders across the country to 'take up arms' - that means pens, clipboards and petition forms!

How: By being available in your own communities for NZ'ers to sign the petition. Ring up a local shop and ask to run a table outside their business on a Saturday or for a few days over the new year. Perhaps a sports field - mid-week touch - flower shows - Expos - Christmas in the Park - stockcars - wherever there's a crowd (the possibilities are endless!).

1. Print off a pile of petition forms
2. Print off this sheet which shows how harmful the anti-smacking law is to good families
3. Print off this sheet which explains more about the petitions

IMPORTANT: By achieving 300,000 signatures, this will make parental correction and child abuse an election issue . Every voter will have to express their opinion on these 2 issues when they enter the polling booth at next year's election. The Electoral Finance Bill won't be able to stop this one.

Help us hold the politicians accountable on how they have failed to deal with the real causes of child abuse while targeting good families with shoddy law making.

Make Child Abuse and the Role of Parents an Election Issue in 2008!

THANKS FOR YOUR HELP AND SUPPORT. | About us | Media Centre | Contact Us | Support Us |

Thursday, 13 December 2007

Unity for Liberty

Do read this link:

It is well worth reading.


13 December 2007

Smacking Study Proves Resources Need to be Targeted at At-Risk Groups

Family First says that a study published in the latest NZ Medical Journal backs up the need for targeted support and resourcing of at-risk parents – especially young parents.

The Christchurch Health and Development study, albeit a low survey group (n=155) and targeting only parents aged 25 years, shows that 77% of these parents are not abusing their children when using appropriate and reasonable physical punishment,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ. “This % is consistent with the total number of parents in NZ who are using physical punishment in a reasonable and effective way.”

“However, as the study highlights, the targeted group is an at-risk group in terms of child abuse. This is backed up by recent UNICEF and CYF reports. The UNICEF report released earlier this year said “the likelihood of a child being injured or killed is associated with poverty, single-parenthood, low maternal education, low maternal age at birth, poor housing, weak family ties, and parental drug or alcohol abuse.”

“This study reinforces the need for better support and resources being targeted at this young parent group – 12% of who admitted “having severely physically assaulted a child in the past year”. We must better resource and support frontline organisations and other local community organisations working with at-risk families, provide midwives and appropriate postnatal care (especially to first-time and teen mothers), and strengthen struggling families with appropriate counseling and relationship support – without criminalising the huge majority of parents who are not abusing their children but are simply using what works.”

“This study does not establish that smacking should be banned,” says Mr McCoskrie. ““The smacking ban is unwarranted, is confusing to parents, is targeting good and non-abusive parents with malicious and unwarranted complaints, has distracted police and CYF resources from at-risk families, and has done nothing to stem the flow of our unacceptable child abuse rates.”

“The law change has failed to target drug and alcohol fuelled abuse or domestic violence, family breakdown or dysfunction, teenage parenting needs, and poverty and stress issues.”

“This study highlights that exact point. As they say, It’s not the drinking – it’s the way we’re drinking. It’s not the smacking – it’s the way some parents smack.”

For More Information and Media Interviews, contact Family First:
Bob McCoskrie JP - National Director
Mob. 027 55 555 42

blog - nzconservative

There is a great blog over at nzconservative

EFB a bit of a wake up call for NZ

I'm not going to comment on the details on the EFB as a number of other bloggers (and the media) are doing a brilliant job already. The only thing I want to say is that after the anti-smacking bill, this one has to be a real wake up call for New Zealanders. The anti-smacking bill was not just a blip. What we are seeing is a democratic consolidation of power by the ruling party.

While Lindsay Perigo is talking coup (as pointed out by AJ Chesswas - I don't think we are at that stage - yet. Everyone needs to stay calm and see if the bill passes. If you pray, pray for NZ. If you never have prayed before in your life, now would be a good time to start. I don't think it will be enough, but it's worth a try.

No, the real test is, will NZ vote the current lot back into power next year? And if NZ doesn't, will the new lot repeal not only the EFB, but also the anti-smacking law? And my personal bugbear, is the Care of Children Act which redefines parents into caregivers - people with only responsibility towards their children, but no rights. That's the bill that made me sit up and take notice of politics in this country when I came back with my family from Australia four years ago.

Time to hang on for the ride.


American College of Pediatricians Supports Spanking

Family News in Focus

Doctors say reasoning and explanation don't work with young children.

Parents who feel their unruly, young children need an old-fashioned spanking now and then have the support of the American College of Pediatricians (ACP). Research from the group finds that spanking “can be a useful and necessary part of a successful disciplinary plan.”

Dr. Den Trumbull, the report's principal author, said: “Spanking is, at times, necessary with young children, because reasoning and explanation are insufficient in persuading them to have good behavior.

“Spanking should be used proactively. The child should be forewarned; it should always be administered in private, and followed by a loving embrace of the child with an explanation for the reason of the spanking.”

The ACP statement puts it in direct opposition to the American Medical Association, which condemns spanking and links it to youth violence.

Marjorie Lindner-Gunnoe, a psychology professor at Calvin College, said the ACP position is refreshing.

“It’s nice to see a little bit more balanced approach," she said. "We’re getting some multiple views. In the past, the views have been quite one-sided.”

The American College of Pediatricians offers more information online, including guidelines that detail when spanking is appropriate.

(NOTE: Referral to Web sites not produced by Focus on the Family is for informational purposes only and does not necessarily constitute an endorsement of the sites' content.)

Wednesday, 12 December 2007


12 December 2007 - Family Integrity #325 -- U4L; Weekend events

-----Original Message-----
From: Craig Hill []
Sent: Wednesday, December 12, 2007 8:36 PM
To: Craig
Subject: U4L; Weekend events

Hi All,

The new signature count is 239,000 signatures. The website thermometer will be updated tomorrow.


Below is an itinerary of Larry Baldock's movements across the country this week, bit late with this notice however if you can attend any of these meetings it will be fruitful. There was a meeting in Christchurch and it did link more good folk together, many hands make light work.

Dec 12th Petition training and FNZ Meeting The Silverstream Reformed Church 8 Blue Mts Rd, Silverstream at 7-45pm
Dec 13th Petition training and FNZ Meeting Masterton Community Church lounge at 7pm-9pm

Dec 14th Training session for Petition collectors Palmerston North. Contact Yvonne Walton for Details 063576646

Dec 15th Petition training and FNZ Meeting Chapel Hill Church Hamilton contact Anton Roest 078554380


Below is some events this weekend, ALL COORDINATORS WILL BE GRATEFUL FOR HELP


Hawkes Bay
We're looking at going to the Dannevirke Christmas Parade next Saturday


There are several tables around town,

West Coast
hopefully another two tables in Greymouth on the 14th. These will all be outside supermarkets, so I'm hoping frazzled, stressed-out Christmas shoppers will take the time to sign.

There are several tables and activities around the Auckland area, we need to know who is interested to assist as to coordinate these events. Please contact your local coordinator

North Shore

Craig Hill
021 746 113

All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing" (Edmund Burke 1729-1797)


CYFS too quick to take kids, says study
5:00AM Thursday December 06, 2007
By Simon Collins

Former CYFS chief social worker Mike Doolan.
The Government's top social workers say a "culture of blame" over child abuse is driving social workers into taking children from their families to avoid any risk of being blamed if things go wrong.

Child, Youth and Family Services (CYFS) chief social worker, Dr Marie Connolly, and her predecessor Mike Doolan say "sensationalist" media coverage of high-profile child deaths is making social workers less willing to trust the families of the children referred to them.

The number of children and young people in CYFS care has risen by half this decade, from 3533 in 1999-2000 to 5191 at the end of last year, despite an actual decline in child deaths from 1.07 a year for every 100,000 children in the 1990s to 0.79 a year in the first five years of this decade.

In a new book on child homicide, Dr Connolly and Mr Doolan call for a move away from the "culture of blame" to what they call a "public health model of welfare" which targets the whole range of factors that lead people to harm children.

In a foreword, the director of the Australian Centre for Child Protection, Dorothy Scott, calls for specific moves to:

* Cut problem drinking by raising alcohol prices, restricting advertising and tightening parents' control of their children's drinking.

* Make sure health services reach all new mothers and catch post-natal depression.

* Work proactively with vulnerable men in custody disputes.

A detailed study of nine cases where CYFS was involved before children were killed found that three of the cases followed Family Court custody hearings.

In one case, a father killed his child just hours after the court ordered him to transfer custody to the mother.

In another case, a mother agreed to transfer custody to the father, but the father "reported significant management difficulties with the child" and killed her two weeks later.

Although all nine case studies involved families where the parents had split, the broader analysis of all 91 children killed in New Zealand between 1991 and 2000 found that more than half the children died at the hands of their biological parents - 30 per cent fathers and 24 per cent mothers.

Only 18 per cent were killed by step-parents and the other 28 per cent were killed by other relatives, acquaintances or strangers.

Almost two-thirds of the children killed were preschoolers and a quarter were under 1 - a fact the book attributes to "their physical vulnerability, their total dependence on adults, and their capacity to cry incessantly and drive an exhausted/enraged parent to act in ways that they normally would not".

Yet despite these cases, the book strongly endorses the current law that requires social workers to keep children within the extended family whenever possible. But in the book, Dr Connolly and Mr Doolan say that every high-profile child death review has led to tightening managerial controls over social workers which have made them less willing to risk leaving children with their families.


Boys 53 per cent
Girls 46 per cent
Unknown (unborn child) 1 per cent
0-1 year old 26 per cent
1-4 years old 37 per cent
5-10 years old 19 per cent
11-14 years old 18 per cent
Maori 52 per cent
Pakeha 39 per cent
Asian 4 per cent
Samoan 3 per cent
Unknown 2 per cent

Battered 47 per cent
Stabbed/knifed 20 per cent
Strangled/suffocated 19 per cent
Poisoned 5 per cent
Drowned 3 per cent
Shot 2 per cent
Neglected 2 per cent
Unknown 1 per cent

Men 66 per cent
Women 34 per cent
Biological fathers 30 per cent
Biological mothers 24 per cent
De facto step-parents 18 per cent
Other relatives 9 per cent
Neighbours/acquaintances 6 per cent
Non-family caregivers 2 per cent
Boarders 1 per cent
Strangers 6 per cent
Unknown 4 per cent

Source: Connolly & Doolan, Lives Cut Short.

* Lives Cut Short, by Marie Connolly and Mike Doolan, Dunmore Publishing for the Children's Commissioner, $24.95.

Family First Comment : This is an own goal for CYF and the Children's Commissioner who are marketing this book. It backs up what we have been saying - that we need an independent CYF Complaints Authority because CYF have been too quick to separate families rather than strengthen them. It also highlights that at-risk families should be resourced and supported - not dealt the heavy hand of the law through ineffective anti-smacking laws. Yes - let's target drug and alcohol abuse, support of young and solo mums, and proactive action where there is domestic violence and custody disputes. Target the real causes of child abuse and leave good parents alone!

Coming Events

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update for the team in Christchurch. (Auckland & Otago people, I'm forwarding this on to you also to keep you in the loop :)

We had a motivating meeting with Larry and Barbara Baldock on Monday night where we discussed plans for serving our community by gathering signatures for the referendum in Christchurch.

We were reminded that there are thousands of people out there who want to sign, it's just up to us to go out there and put the petition in front of them so they can sign it.

We're at 236,100 signatures currently (See the "signature thermometer" on the Unity for Liberty website for the most recent count).

This Saturday - come on guys, lets hit Christchurch with at least three tables. Lets go from about 9:30am til 2:30pm, with people most welcome to stay later if they like, but the best time is around the lunch-hour, when the city really gets bustling. I've got 3 tables, plenty of signs, plenty of petition boards and pens. We just need you guys now, so get back to me asap, as I need to book a couple of spots with the City Council.

Let's get Saturday out of the way, and then we can plan for getting tables at the big events coming up in January and February.

Come on Canterbury, Let's blow Auckland out of the water with our signature count for this Saturday! Auckland guys, the pressure is on!!!

Great to meet those that were at the meeting, thanks so much for coming along, keen to get involved!

Remember, "All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing" - Edmund Burke."

Kind Regards,
Andy Moore
phone: 021 1140 751 or 357 4599
God Defend New Zealand.

FI - 324

12 December 2007 Family Integrity #324 -- U4L; Quick update

-----Original Message-----
From: Craig Hill []
Sent: Tuesday, December 11, 2007 8:38 PM
To: Craig
Subject: U4L; Quick update

Hi All,

A quick update, two more emails this week, one will be upcoming events and the second will be our click it, sign it, send it (nicknamed "Pass on the lady in the Greens Tent".)

Let's take our hats off to Jono from the West Coast, he emailed this week informing us of his table last Saturday. He came home with 201 signatures. Well done.

Here are the totals:

West Coast 201
Hawkes Bay 120
Porirua 100
Wellington 39
Manurewa 80
Auckland includes
Papatoetoe Parade
Mangere Parade
Pukekohe Parade
Papakura Parade
Te Kauwhata A&P
Christmas in the Park 1650

Total 2190

Craig Hill
021 746 113

All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing" (Edmund Burke 1729-1797)

Tuesday, 11 December 2007


Look what the global warming myth leads to:

Should Aussie parents be taxed for extra kids?
AAP | Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Couples who have more than two children should be charged a lifelong tax to offset their extra offspring's carbon dioxide emissions, a medical expert says.

A new report published in an Australian medical journal has called for parents to be charged $5,000 ($NZ5700) a head for every child after their second, and an annual tax of up to $800 every year thereafter.

And couples who get sterilised would be eligible for carbon credits under the controversial proposal.

Perth specialist Professor Barry Walters is heavily critical of the $4,000 baby bonus, saying that paying new parents extra for every baby fuels more children, more emissions and "greenhouse-unfriendly behaviour".

Instead, it should be replaced with a "baby levy" in the form of a carbon tax in line with the "polluter pays" principle, he wrote in the latest Medical Journal of Australia.

"Every family choosing to have more than a defined number of children should be charged a carbon tax that would fund the planting of enough trees to offset the carbon cost generated by a new human being," said Prof Walters, an obstetrician at King Edward Memorial Hospital in Perth.

Sustainable Population Australia suggested a maximum of two, he said.

By the same reasoning, contraceptives like diaphragms and condoms, as well as sterilisation procedures, should attract carbon credits, the specialist said.

"As doctors, I believe we need to think this way," he wrote in a letter to the journal.

"As Australians I believe we need to be less arrogant.

"As citizens of the world, I believe we deserve no more population concessions than those in India or China."

Professor Garry Egger, director of the NSW Centre for Health Promotion and Research, agreed with the call, saying former treasurer Peter Costello's request for three children per family - "one for mum, one for dad and one for the country" - was too single-minded.

"Population remains crucial to all environmental considerations," wrote Prof Eggers, a leading advocate of the personal carbon trading debate.

"The debate (around population control) needs to be reopened as part of a second ecological revolution."

Family groups have rejected the calls, saying larger families use less energy than smaller ones and therefore should not be penalised.

Monday, 10 December 2007


This is adding to the problems we have with dysfunctional families in New Zealand.
Fathers not carrying out their responsibilities -- hundreds of them.

Wealthy dads not paying for kids
By BEN FAWKES - The Dominion Post | Monday, 10 December 2007

Hundreds of "delinquent dads" earning six-figure salaries are shirking their child support obligations, refusing to stump up cash to provide for their children.

Information obtained by The Dominion Post under the Official Information Act shows there are 326 parents earning more than $100,000 who are behind in their child support payments.

Meanwhile, thousands more on lower incomes are in arrears, with the Inland Revenue Department chasing almost $1.2 billion in unpaid child support.

The department refused to disclose the salaries of the top10 highest-earning defaulters, citing the secrecy provision of the Tax Administration Act, but it said that income liable for child support assessment was generally capped at $104,312.

There are currently 1248 parents assessed at or beyond this upper limit, meaning a quarter of those high earners are electing not to pay.

Revenue Minister Peter Dunne said he was appalled by the amount of child support debt outstanding, particularly from those on high incomes.

"I can't believe people could be so callous or indifferent towards their children," he said.

"[It is] money not going to dependent children. I don't think you can offer any excuse for people on high incomes not meeting their responsibilities."

He said new tax legislation due to be passed in Parliament this week would give government agencies greater data matching powers, to track people with child support debt who left the country.

He said the department was also looking at Australian procedures for ensuring high-earners paid child support, to see whether similar policies could be applied in New Zealand.

National Party welfare spokeswoman Judith Collins said it was time for the Government to get tough on errant fathers. The department should pursue child support defaulters more aggressively by seizing their assets, such as boats, houses and cars, in lieu of payment, she said.

The defaulters' former partners would, in many cases, be able to provide the department with information about any assets they held.

Blenheim woman Katrina Ferris said she had not received any financial support for her 12-year-old son, Duncan, from her former boyfriend since October 2006.

She believes he is in Australia, possibly working in forestry or mining. "I expect he's in Australia on good money, I'm 99.9 per cent sure of that.

"Duncan has never even received a Christmas card."

Mrs Ferris said her former partner had declared himself a beneficiary for the past 11 years, meaning she only ever received a small monthly sum.

"At the most I was only ever getting $30 to $40 a month ... it does not even buy milk."

Sunday, 9 December 2007


Questionable smacking case before the court
Sunday, 9 December 2007, 2:45 pm
Press Release: The Family Party

The Family Party is raising concerns over the arrest and prosecution of a single father of four, who has been charged with assaulting his 11-year-old son under the new anti-smacking legislation.

The Nelson Mail reports the man ‘hit’ his son on the bottom with a wooden spoon for disobedience. He is also alleged to have ‘clipped’ the boy around the face. The boy later called the police and the father was arrested, handcuffed and put before the courts. He is now barred from associating with his son until he next appears before the court. refers.

“Without knowing the full circumstances of this case it is difficult to comment on criminal liability, particularly with regards to the ‘clip around the face’ allegation. But for all we know, it could have been a clip around the ear, which many of us got at some stage growing up from a parent, school teacher or even the local constable. My concern is that we could have a decent father trying to raise four children on his own, who is now facing the full force of the justice system for administering discipline in his own home according to his Christian values,” says Mr Lewis.

Mr Lewis emphasised a cautious approach to the case without knowing the full circumstances but noted the fathers comment about only occasionally using the wooden spoon when his son's behaviour was particularly bad. Lewis also points out that the use of emotive words (in reporting) such as ‘hit’ don’t necessarily reflect the true circumstances of the case.

“There was quite possibly a better way to handle this situation without arresting a father of four and throwing him in the clanger! But that’s what repealing Section 59 was all about,” Mr Lewis added.



French parents back smacking

Emilie Boyer King

Most French children are used to the odd spank from their parents, and many think there is nothing wrong with that, a new survey suggests. An Internet poll by the Paris-based Union of Families in Europe (UFE), an organisation which defends families’ rights in France, shows that 65 per cent of children in France think la fessee — French for a smack on the bottom — is a normal part of their upbringing, with more than half thinking they de serve it.

Spanking is certainly central in a French education if the survey is anything to go by. More than 95 per cent of the 2,000 grandparents, parents, and children polled said they had been spanked at some point in their lives.

A nationwide poll carried out nearly 10 years ago revealed that more than 85 per cent of French parents spanked their children compared with 87 per cent in the new survey. While spanking may still be popular in France, other forms of punishment, such as a slap on the cheek or a kick are rarely used and are considered dangerous by many parents, the survey showed.

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Saturday, 8 December 2007

Blog - drlaura

This is a very interesting blog from the US. It backs up what we were saying here during the Section 59 debate.

Child Abuse More Likely in Shack-Up Relationships
December 6, 2007

When a woman wishes to diminish her own value (as well as that of the covenant of marriage) by cohabitating with a man who is not willing to make the vow of committing his life to her, it’s a shame. When a woman with children does so, it too often becomes a crime.

Thirty years ago, nearly 80% of America’s children lived with both their Mommy and Daddy, who were married. Now, only two-thirds of them do. Of all families with children, nearly 30% are now one-parent families, up from 17% in 1977. The net result is instability, neglect, and the likelihood that children will be in homes with adults who have no biological tie to them.

Children living in homes with unrelated adults are nearly fifty times as likely to die of inflicted injuries as are children living with their bio-parents. (Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, 2005). Children of single parents had a 77% greater risk of being harmed by physical abuse than children living with both parents (National Incidence Study, 1996). Children living in stepfamilies, or with single parents are at higher risk of physical or sexual assault than children living with their bio-parents (University of New Hampshire’s Crimes Against Children Research Center). Girls whose parents divorce are at significantly higher risk of sexual assault, regardless of which bio-parent they live with (Family Law, Washington and Lee University).

It is righteous to judge the lifestyles of people who have children, because the results of their choices can result in harm (psychological, physical or sexual), as well as death to innocent children. “Six year old Oscar Jimenez, Jr. was beaten to death in California, then buried under fertilizer and cement. Two year old Devon Shackleford drowned in an Arizona swimming pool. Jayden Cangro, also two, died after being thrown across a room in Utah. In each case, as in many others every year, the alleged or convicted perpetrator had been the boyfriend of the child’s mother. (Associated Press, November 18, 2007).

The recent “Baby Grace” case was no different. According to news reports, the mother’s boyfriend beat the child to death because the child didn’t address him politely.

I am firm in my beliefs and advice that young women, pregnant out-of-wedlock, need to consider adoption as in the best interest of the child, and that divorced parents should not marry again until the children are grown (and if they do, they shouldn’t marry someone with children or create more children, because they will be sidelining their own children)......

To read more go to:

Friday, 7 December 2007


Dad argues for right to hit son
By SALLY KIDSON - The Nelson Mail | Friday, 07 December 2007

SPARE THE ROD: Rowan Flynn of Nelson is prepared to go to jail to assert his right to smack his four children.

A Nelson father charged with assaulting his son, in one of the region's first prosecutions under a controversial new child discipline law, says he is prepared to go to jail for his right as a parent and a Christian to hit his child.

Rowan Flynn has been charged with two counts of assaulting his 11-year-old son under the new legislation, which came into effect in June and removed a parent's right to use "reasonable force" when discipling a child.

The 52-year-old denied the charges when he appeared in the Nelson District Court this week, and has chosen to have a judge and jury hear the case.

Mr Flynn, who has four children, told the Nelson Mail his son called the police two weeks ago after he hit the boy.

Mr Flynn disputes the police summary of facts. He estimated that he hit his son five times on the bottom with a wooden spoon after he was disobedient, and said it was a "tiny issue" that blew up.

While the police visited him at home to talk to him, they did not take any action at that stage, he said.

"But I made it quite clear to the cop that if it was needed again, I would smack."

Mr Flynn said that about a week later, he "clipped" his son around the face.

Several days later, he was at home cooking dinner when the police arrived and he was arrested.

Mr Flynn said he wanted to speak out about his case because he thought he would not have been charged under the old law.

"I believe very strongly in smacking as a form of discipline. I'm a Christian, and believe it's what I've been commanded to do.

"I'm not going to lay down and take it. I'm going to kick and scream to the very end."

He said he only occasionally used the wooden spoon, when his son's behaviour was particularly bad.

He believed that passages in the Bible gave him the right to use the spoon, or "rod".

"Parents must have the right to correct their children and give them a good whack if that's what they need.

"All this law is doing is making criminals out of good parents. I'm not afraid to say `I smack my kids'."

He believed that smacking was effective because it was an immediate form of discipline.

"We have to have it there, because the kids just know they can get away with anything if it isn't there as a punishment.

"I don't beat my kids. I don't thrash them.

"This new law is going to destroy families. It's already started."

Mr Flynn, who is separated from his wife, said his son had been living with him under an informal arrangement until he appeared in court on Tuesday.

Mr Flynn was granted bail but refused to sign the bail bond because of a condition that he not contact his son. He said he was handcuffed, searched and spent several hours in a holding cell before being released. He intends to appeal the bail condition, and is due back in court on January 18.

Nelson Bays police area commander Inspector Brian McGurk declined to comment on the prosecution, other than to say it had always been illegal for a parent to assault a child.

A 33-year-old Masterton man recently became the first parent convicted under the new legislation. Last month, he was sentenced to nine months' supervision and counselling for grabbing his son and smacking him three times.

Green MP Sue Bradford, who campaigned for the legislation, said the law had changed to put the rights of a child to be free of violence before the rights of the parent.

"What the law is about is protecting babies, children and young people from violence."

Ms Bradford said there were many alternatives to hitting children.

"It's a huge fallacy to think that beating them is helping them. It's hurting and humiliating them."

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

FI - 323

5 December 2007 - Family Integrity #323 -- U4L, More events, Two hard working teams

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Hi All,

Urgent, Urgent, Urgent.

Signature call up, if you have any stray signatures sitting around the house could you please send them in. We will even accept signature bombs, thats 500 plus. There is a wonderful opportunity at hand, a public announcement 250,000 signatures before Christmas, YES thats a whole quarter of a million signatures, will make a good headline.
Post to C/O Larry Baldock
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Encouraging news,
Just been speaking to Lynne from North Shore, the small team there are planning to work their table again, time and date to be confirmed. For those who are unaware, Lynne has a huge pre Christmas workload and certain commitments she has to meet. Truth is, Lynne really did not have the time to commit to the November challenge, however she placed her hand to the plow and their team has been rewarded with the busiest roadside table of the challenge. Well Done.

More Events this Weekend from two very hard working teams.

Here are some more events this weekend, we also encourage coordinators to use to help advertise events. This gives you the opportunity to update and delete as required.

On this note we also encourage all recipients to use this site for updated local event information.

From Stephen and Angela

The Hawkes Bay team would appreciate volunteers for Sat 8th Dec Waipukurau Christmas Parade, 9 - 2pm, Central Hawkes Bay.


From Wayne

Hi Craig. We have got coming up 'Carols in the Park' at Harcourt Park in Upper Hutt, 7 -9pm.


Thanks for all your efforts,

Craig Hill
PS I have just finished night shift and take no responsibility for creative speling errirs, chEErs!!!!

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All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing (Edmund Burke 1729-1797)

Tuesday, 4 December 2007


4 December 2007

It’s OK to Smack – American College of Pediatricians
The American College of Pediatricians (ACP), a national medical association of licensed physicians and healthcare professionals who specialise in the care of infants, children, and adolescents has released a position statement on the smacking of children.

“This research backs up the argument put forward by Family First and other pro-family groups against Sue Bradford’s anti-smacking law,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First.

“The ACP reviewed the available research on corporal punishment and concluded that disciplinary smacking by parents can be effective when properly used. They say that the evidence suggests that it can be a useful and necessary part of a successful disciplinary plan when not relied upon solely to control their child’s behaviour.”
“They say that smacking is most appropriate with children 2 to 6 years old, and when milder types of correction have failed.”

The ACP has published a one page handout for parents titled “Guidelines for Parental Use of Disciplinary Spanking.” This can be viewed here:

They have also published an extensive review of the scientific literature on smacking.

Family First is welcoming this balanced, objective and thorough research on the issue of smacking by professionals.

“It flies in the face of the blind ideology peddled by the UN, politicians, Children’s Commissioner, and child welfare agencies who have failed to identify and deal with the real causes of child abuse,” says Mr McCoskrie.

Family First continues to call on both the government and other political parties to change the current law on smacking so that parents who use the types of smacking recommended by the ACP are not committing a criminal act, and not be at the mercy of police discretion or unwarranted CYF investigation.

For More Information and Media Interviews, contact Family First:
Tel. 09 261 2426 | Mob. 027 55 555 42