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31 May 2007 - Family Integrity #261 -- Things to come

31 May 2007 - Family Integrity #261 -- Things to come

Dear Friends,

This is the kind of thing (see story below #1) I suspect we'll see a lot more of now that the state has established a beachhead in each of our living rooms to tell us we cannot correct our children if they don't want to be corrected. Helen Clark said a while back she doesn't mind marginalising Christians (see below #2). The problem is, most people agree with her since the media have been successful in demonising all Bible-believing or fundamentalist Christians as if they are the West's version of Osama Bin Laden. They conveniently forget, and we Christians are generally too polite to sound our own horns, that we are virtually alone in trying to protect the unborn, in wanting more adoptions, in signing up as foster parents; we are disproportionately represented in fights against the evils and excesses of homosexuality, civils unions, prostitution, alcohol and drug abuse and gambling and abortion; we are over volunteer organisations and the Bible specifically commands us to help the poor and needy, which means there is far more help going on that is totally unseen and unrecognised. We are not the only ones involved in these things, but without the Biblical mandate to do these things, secularists would have no logical reason and don't have any moral reason to do so...unless they borrow from Christianity, which we are quite happy for them to do.


Craig Smith

Answer sought to MPs' prayer
By TRACY WATKINS - The Dominion Post | Thursday, 31 May 2007

Parliament's daily prayer is in the spotlight as MPs are being asked to decide whether it should be abandoned or rewritten.

Before each sitting day, MPs bow their heads for a prayer in which they vow their loyalty to the Queen, and promise to lay aside their private and personal interests and promote the maintenance of true religion and justice, before ending with reference to "Jesus Christ Our Lord".

Speaker Margaret Wilson has written to MPs asking whether the prayer should be continued and, if so, whether the wording needs an overhaul.

The timing of the move may be seen as provocative, after a backlash from some Christian quarters over Government support for the child-discipline bill.

This week's interfaith dialogue at Waitangi has been marred by protests over a statement that New Zealand has no state religion.

However, there may be little stomach among MPs for a change, with some suggesting that Parliament has more important business.

One Labour MP said the prayer had been recited for more than 100 years, and there seemed to be no pressing need to change it.

National MP Bill English said the prayer should be kept.

"It's part of the tradition of Parliament unbroken since it started, and it's the only time of the day that politicians are forced to think about something besides themselves."

Green MP Keith Locke said the prayer was outdated and did not represent the views of a substantial proportion of society.

This is Helen Clark being interviewed by sodomites and printed in the Express newspaper, 11-24 February 2004:

Q: Is the government worried about the level of homophobia shown by groups of the religious right like the Maxim Institute in New Zealand?

A: We legislated against hate crimes. You just have to keep working over a long period of time on several values in society that does not condone that sort of attitude. I understand that over a long period of time there has been a fundamentalist programme that runs on TV2 on a Sunday morning which is absolutely disgraceful. It’s a very small minority point of view and I think through continuing to set the tone of tolerance, acceptance and diversity, you just have to further marginalise such people. Hopefully one day nobody will think that way.

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