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31 May 2007 - Family Integrity - Swedish Academic Slams National MP

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Swedish Academic Slams National MP for Cowardly Attack in Parliament Jacob Sundberg, Professor of Jurisprudence Emeritus and Family Law at the University of Stockholm, and author ("Family Law under change") has written to National MP Katherine Rich complaining about her cowardly and unsubstantiated attack on Swedish Lawyer Ruby Harrold-Claesson who recently visited NZ.

In Rich's speech in parliament recently supporting Sue Bradford's anti-smacking bill against the weight of public opinion, Rich slammed Harrold-Claesson as a 'fruit loop' and 'false expert', all said behind the cowardly protection of parliamentary privilege.

However, Professor Sundberg rejects Rich's attack stating that she has "fallen prey to a smear campaign run in Sweden by some of her adversaries in the social bureaucracy and by their leftist chums in the Faculty of Law in Stockholm."

Sundberg also slams Katherine Rich's understanding and support of the Swedish experiment with smacking bans and says "Whether Sweden "benefited" from the reform as you put it, is very much in doubt as I see it. Certainly, it has undermined the family tie with a lot of mischief following. It has turned little children into informers upon their parents, and the social bureaucracy into a super-nanny with a kind of police powers as against the parents. The change in atmosphere may be applauded by leftist circles around, but it is certainly deplored by the families hit by the revolutionary zeal. No figures have ever been given showing any beneficial effect of the legislation."

Katherine Rich should do her homework before making baseless and defamatory attacks against individuals, especially in the cowardly way she did behind the protection of parliamentary privilege.

Letter from Sundberg to Kathryn Rich:

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