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FI - 282

13 August 2007 - Family Integrity #282 -- U4L, 11th August campaign results, wow

To Encourage everyone in relation to signing the petition to bring the outlawing of parental authority (as was done by the rewrite of Section 59) up as a referencdom at the next election, read the following.

Craig Smith
Family Integrity

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Subject: U4L, 11th August campaign results, wow

Hi All,

The 2nd Howick/Pakuranga Campaign was an extreme success, not only did we gain more signatures but it was the reaction from the public that speaks volumes.
We soon discovered that the first campaign had primed many to stop and sign this campaign. (at one stage I was forced to carry two clip boards)

This was the reaction from those who had been primed from the first campaign, "I saw you LAST WEEK and did not stop, I'm not going to miss the opportunity this time".

The significance of this reaction is this, EVERYONE who witnessed our first campaign referred to it as LAST WEEK, it was two weeks ago.

FEET ON FOOTPATH campaigns are styled to impact the mind in this way - clearly it succeeded.

Two young men stopped to sign, asked where they can obtain petition forms so they can take them to Auckland University. Another woman drove past the first campaign, arrived home, then decided to return to sign, only to find that we had finished. She was relieved to see us back. She too thought it was LAST WEEK.

The best part for myself were the cups of coffee supplied by local residents.

The LAST WEEK impact is how I measure the success of FEET ON FOOTPATHS but for those who may measure success by signature here it is. We came home with 380 signatures, the first campaign ran at 1.72 signatures a minute, this one came in at 2.11 a minute, some volunteers had to withdraw at the last minute so we achieved MORE WITH LESS.

Looking forward to the Rodney and Christchurch campaigns on the 1st Sept, I encourage you to support both Arna and Andy who are coordinating these events,they are good people working hard for all New Zealanders.

The more FEET the better, any queries please contact.

Will post more details concerning the 1st Sept campaigns on Wed 15th Aug

Craig Hill

"All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing" (Edmund Burke 1729-1797)

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