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6 August 2007 - Family Integrity #279 -- Unity for Liberty; New initiatives

Greetings to all!

I am forwarding this on behalf of another Craig, one who is encouraging us all via "Unity for Liberty".


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Hi All

Information on future campaigns, there is some very exciting initiatives.

Unity for Liberty is very excited to be able to work in conjunction with Voice Rodney and announce Arna Mountain as the coordinator for the Feet on Footpath Rodney campaign, details are on the second attachment Arna is bringing a lot of encouragement and enthusiasm, lets support her efforts.

You can contact Arna by email

There is also an initiative in Christchurch, more information will be released shortly.


Hi All
"Should a smack as part of parental correction be a criminal offence in New Zealand?"
If your answer is "no", then you are probably concerned at the removal of parental authority and liberty.

On May 17th 2007 the House of Representatives voted 113 to eight in favour of the legislation that repeals section 59 of the Crimes Act and effectively turns you, a loving and responsible parent, into a criminal. Thus, this law seriously erodes and undermines your parental authority, while at the same time empowers the bureaucracy of the State to intrude in the life of your family.

If you were among the approximately 83 percent of New Zealanders who were opposed to this bill and you may be interested in campaigning with us.

Voice Rodney in conjuction with Unity for Liberty will conduct a Feet on Footpaths campaign on 1st September. See plus attached (below) documents for more information.

The benefit of the Local Awareness Campaigns is to transfer the debate, which has until now been limited to central government and mainstream media, into the local communities. Please read the attached here... documents and email me your response as soon as possible.

I need each group to appoint a person who would be responsible to report to me to get final instructions on 1st September on where to be. We will meet and debrief at the end for a few minutes, sharing stories.

Here are some comments from last weeks campaign in Howick

I decided to knock on the doors of people in our street to see if anyone wanted to sign the petition. I left my house after 12 noon, so there had been plenty of time for people to see the placards that were clearly visible in our area...and they had! It was fun to hear these comments from our neighbours:

"Oh, so you are with those people holding up those signs. Good on you!"
"So this is the petition that all those signs are on about!"
"It's great to see someone doing something about this situation. People in New Zealand are so apathetic!"

I was thankful to know that the signs had been displayed locally and that I wasn't the only one pacing the streets that day. At least half of the people I spoke to had read the placards and I had a 100% percent success rate: each of my neighbours was willing to sign the petition.

However, I only managed to visit less than half of the houses in our street because everyone wanted to talk about it! Clearly people are disturbed and concerned that the government allowed this Bill to be passed when such a high proportion of the population is against it!

I would encourage you to be involved and help change New Zealand for the better.

Please let me know as soon as possible whether or not you and people from your group can be involved. There is a spreadsheet attached for a list of names.

"Evil prevails when good men do nothing."

Arna Mountain

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