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FI 276

2 August - Family Integrity #276 -- Garth George Commentary

Dear Friends,

Here is some great commentary by NZ Herald journo Garth George.

He is on the money when he points to the flood of violence and immoral sex on TV, and the abortion industry. But he misses the boat in saying there is a lack of will in enforcing truancy laws. State schools are a major contributor to the problems of family breakdown and increasing violence. They forcibly separate parents from children at an early age and then, with no reference whatsoever to the individual family cultures/values/religions represented in the classroom, the teachers pump the children full of politically determined "values" and "attitudes" that are often not just contradictory and foreign to those of the family, they are often openly hostile to family values and attitudes. Children are alienated from their parents. This has been going on for several generations and has been so successful, this alienation is now considered normal. Too many parents have lost the art of parenting because they've let the pre-school, daycare, school and after-school activities and youth groups and the peer group do it for them. When issues arise, parents do what the last two or three generations have increasingly done: assumed they themselves are not qualified to deal with it, so refer it to the school counselling office or some other "professional".

And this is not a new problem. Schools have noticed it, so have brought on board more counsellors and assigned teachers and counsellors pastoral roles as well as teaching roles. Many schools now have full time social workers. The more the schools have moved into this area of pastoring children, the more parents have given away their own pastoral duties toward their children (urged on by the school and their own business of life). And the more these two things have happened, the worse the problems have become. These generations now raised up with state agents rather than their parents as the major source of counselling and advice are the ones bashing up their own children at greater rates than ever before.

When state agencies get involved in areas they should not be involved in (such as compulsory schooling and counselling and social welfare) the problems inevitably get worse and begin to multiply. The state's universal answer: throw more money at the problem. The problem simply gets worse.


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