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Family Integrity # 173 -- Look at this poll and vote in it - California

Family Integrity # 173 -- Look at this poll and vote in it - California

Here's an encouraging article from California where a state legislator has tried to ban smacking. And do vote in this poll on the website.


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Is it acceptable to spank children?

Yes, it's a good tool.

It should only be used on older children.

No, violence is not an acceptable form of punishment.

No Proposal Could Stop Hitting With Objects

POSTED: 5:31 am PST February 23, 2007

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Parents can still spank their children in California.

San Francisco Bay-area Assemblywoman Sally Lieber has abandoned her campaign to make spanking a crime.

She said she is still opposed to spanking, but Lieber said the votes just aren't there to change the law. Instead, she's introducing legislation that would make it a crime to hit children with such items as a belt, switch or stick.

Lieber's anti-spanking bill attracted nationwide attention.

Conservatives and family values groups criticized it as government interference in family matters, and it was the subject of a parody on "Saturday Night Live."

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