Saturday, 31 March 2007

2 April 2007 - March in Feilding

Second protest over bill

Manawatu Standard | Friday, 30 March 2007

Mother-of-four Dianne Woodward is fronting a second protest against the anti-smacking bill in Feilding within a week.

The protest will be at the Feilding clock tower at noon on Monday - seven days after 350 people protested the Sue Bradford bill at the same location.

Mrs Woodward, who has become the face of those against the bill in Manawatu, said she had received overwhelming support for her stand from various quarters in the community. She had been encouraged to keep the pressure on the Government so had agreed to stage another protest. If the bill is passed, parents who smack their children will not be able to use the excuse of reasonable force.

"I am so wound up by this, but I will be quite restrained and sensible (at the protest)," Mrs Woodward said.

"So many people have commended me for getting off my backside and standing there and speaking from the heart."

She did not care if parents smacked or not, but did care that the Government was telling her how to raise her children, she said.

The Government announcement that it will review the anti-smacking bill two years after it is passed is a "pathetic smokescreen".

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