Thursday, 22 March 2007

22 March 2007 - Family First - Labour Decision 'Smacks' of Arrogance

Labour Decision 'Smacks' of Arrogance

Thursday, 22 March 2007, 5:11 pm
Press Release: Family First
22 MARCH 2007
Labour Decision 'Smacks' of Arrogance

Family First has been notified that the government is to give urgency to the 'Anti-smacking' bill due back in Parliament next week.

Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First, says that if this is the case, the Labour-led government will be showing incredible arrogance and disdain towards the views and concerns of NZ parents and families.

He says that it is unbelievable that Labour are willing to put aside far more pressing issues of health, education, and law and order, all demanding urgent attention, to bring in a law which targets good families, and will do nothing to lower our unacceptable rates of child abuse.

"This attempt to "stick it" to the voters should be ample evidence that this is a bill about forwarding an agenda rather than tackling child abuse in an effective way," says Mr McCoskrie. "The government is not even willing to allow time for an appropriate debate on a bill that invades every home."

"The government is panicking because of the overwhelming tide of public opposition, which will be further evidenced in marches throughout NZ and the signing of the petition demanding a Referendum next week."

Mr McCoskrie says the fact that the Prime Minister is also having to 'whip' her MP's to vote for the bill shows just how weak the bill is, and that she knows that the bill would be defeated if MP's had their say. It is believed that up to as many as 19 Labour MP's are unhappy with being forced to vote for the bill.

"This action of riding rough-shod over the will of NZ'ers will simply energise kiwis to voice their objection to this 'wacky' bill," says Mr McCoskrie.

Family First calls on the United Future, NZ First, National and Maori MP's who were supporting the bill to immediately withdraw their support, and for Labour MP's to demand a conscience vote as was promised to the voters before the last election.

Petition forms demanding a Referendum on the issue of criminalising parents and tackling child abuse can be downloaded at Petition forms can also be obtained from major daily newspapers next Tuesday.


Petition Forms can also be downloaded from

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