Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Family Integrity #172 -- Piece of cake

Family Integrity #172 -- Piece of cake


I just got back from two hours standing at a wee table with the CIR Petitions at the Flea Market in Palmerston North.

Got 132 signatures.

Only two people voiced disagreement with Section 59.

Several said they don't agree with smacking, but agreed even less with banning it.

I would say in a loud voice, "Please sign the petition telling the Government not to make parents into criminals." People would stop in their tracks, turn around and dash back to sign it. Several said they knew they'd see this petition somewhere. I had a crowd around me most of the time. People waited patiently to sign while I explained more fully what it was all about.

Keep it simple....most people didn't care about the details....they just wanted to sign a petition supporting smacking. People are waiting for an opportunity to sign...please give them (your workmates, the folks at church, your neighbours, etc.) the opportunity to sign.

Download the petition and instruction forms
here, print them off, and start collecing. It really is a piece of cake.

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