Monday, 7 May 2007

6 May 07 - NZCPR Forum - Opinion piece by Peter Shirtcliffe

Opinion piece by Peter Shirtcliffe
6 May 07
The Nonsense of the List MP

Snippet from Opinion piece by Peter Shirtcliffe:
The Anti-Smacking Bill is promoted and driven by a List MP, whose party has no Electorate credibility, who owes no allegiance to an Electorate herself, is fixated on her agenda, and will use whatever political machinations are available to achieve her social end. Given the mockery she and her colleagues are making of the community, one would hope that it will also lead to her political end. More importantly, perhaps the whole episode will focus peoples' minds on the crazy situation where nearly half the Parliament are sent there by Party bosses, a system which automatically reduces the improved sensitivity to the community we were led to expect.

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