Friday, 18 May 2007

18 May 2007 - Family Intetrity #258 -- Section 59 Petitions campaign: Chch Netball courts, 9am Saturday

Hi Christchurch!

If you can please make the time to meet at The Netball Courts, Hagley Park (off Hagley Ave) Click here for a map at 9:00am on Saturday 19 May , as our plan is to do a big Citizens Initiated Referendum (CIR) campaign.

Our goal for Saturday is 2,000 signatures (200 full sheets), but we expect to exceed this. Please make this a good turn-out by coming, and telling anyone else you know who would be keen.

Let's make sure that we do get enough signatures to force a referendum, otherwise you'll be looking back wishing, kicking yourself that you didn't do more to get rid of this stupid bill. I will be too.

We plan to start off at the Netball courts, Hagley Park. Later, if people are keen, we will head into the CBD, or find another good spot to get more signatures. There will be plenty of people: you don't have to stand anywhere by yourself, it will be great.

We are going to have some placards, and a table or two.

Please try and bring a clipboard, something for people to press on as they sign the petition.
Please also download about 10 or 20 Petition sheets from here, and bring them with you.
Please bring 2 or 3 pens with you as well.
And bring/make some placards if you could. Ideas for signs below. It is important that the wording conveys as much information about what is happening regarding the bill, as is possible.

"The Anti-smacking bill will still criminalise good parents"
"Get rid of Bradford's anti-smacking bill. Sign Petition here"
"Should a smack as a part of good parental discipline be a criminal offense? No!"
"Sign Petition here to force referendum"

Not only will this Saturday be an important day for the CIR, it is a great opportunity to let the rest of Christchurch know that the debate has not died down.

Please forward this email on to anyone who is interested, to spread the word around.

Please reply to if you do intend to come.


Andy Moore

if Section59 is repealed - or replaced...

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