Thursday, 3 May 2007

3 May 2007 - Direct Democracy Party Of NZ Press Release from the Direct Democracy - DDP Disappointed In Support For Smacking Bill

DDP Disappointed In Support For Smacking Bill

Thursday, 3 May 2007, 9:51 am
Press Release: Direct Democracy Party Of NZ Press Release from the Direct Democracy Party:
DDP Disappointed In National Support For Smacking Bill

The Direct Democracy Party is disappointed that the National Party have decided to now support the anti smacking Bill being promoted by Green MP Sue Bradford, despite overwhelming public opposition to the Bill.

"There have been multiple polls, both public and privately monitored, that have recorded anywhere between 70% - 90% public opposition to Sue Bradford's Bill - if a Binding Referendum (a cornerstone of Direct Democracy Party policy) were held on this issue, this legislation would have been consigned to the political scrapheap long ago" says Direct Democracy Party Leader Kelvyn Alp.

"It is clear that Police discretion not to prosecute will still allow police discretion to prosecute, thereby criminalising parents by default - however, the Police are not our greatest concern, but rather Child, Youth, and Family (CYF)."

"CYF will most certainly not "exercise discretion"as the Bill encourages the police to do. CYF will not be concerned with any "public interest" whatsoever. If this legislation passes in its current form, CYF will be able to say that smacking is illegal, and then arbitrarily intervene into the lives of innocent, decent, law-abiding families, families who now have everything to fear from this legislation becoming law in its current form.

"The Bradford anti-smacking Bill, now supported by the National Party, is a body blow to Democracy and for New Zealand families" says Mr Alp.

"The Direct Democracy Party gives an unequivocal commitment to the people of New Zealand that, if elected to Parliament in 2008, we will repeal the anti-smacking Bill in its entirety - the people of New Zealand who so overwhelmingly oppose this legislation deserve no less."

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