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2 May 2007 - Family Integrity #237 --More on TV 1 Survey. Please answer this survey this morning

Please fill this out ASAP for TV 1, results today, Wednesday.

Here are our answers to two of the questions:

A. I answered that what I smack for was for the 4 Ds - Disobedience, Disrespect, Dishonesty, Destructiveness.

B. Then this is how we answered the last question:

Bradford has been shown to be a master of deceit, and this quote from her contains some classic lies about the situation in Europe. See Sweden's National Council for Crime Prevention website, in English, at Anyone who promotes prostitution, lowered drinking age, lower penalties for dangerous drug taking and child porn, lobbies to raise the status of sodomites in every conceivable way and to preserve for females the option, for whatever reason, not to have the responsible male named on the birth certificate, while doing nothing to stop the pre-meditated killing of 17,000 unborn humans every year should be in therapy, not in Parliament.

Sue Bradford is lying to the New Zealand Public. There are many articles about the fact that the smacking ban does not work in these countries. See articles like:


2. Dr. Bob Larzelere has shown that in Sweden, trends indicate sharply increasing rates of physical child abuse, at least in criminal records of assaults by relatives against children under the age of seven (7). This frequency increased from 99 in 1981 to 583 in 1994, a 489% increase. On February 28, 2007, Family First published a press release informing of a "14% Increase in Child Abuse despite Swedish Smacking Ban". These are the latest figures from Sweden revealing that more children were abused in Sweden in 2006 compared with the 2005 figures, according to The Swedish Daily. See


4.Since 1978 - the year before the anti-smacking Bill gained force of law - until today, thousands of parents have been reported, accused, arrested by the police, detained, tried in courts of law and sentenced to fines or prison as a result of the said law. Christian Diesen, a professor in Sweden was quoted in an article in the NZ Herald saying: "Approximately 7000 cases [of beating children] are reported each year, but only 10 per cent lead to prosecution..." It would seem that Diesen would like to see more parents prosecuted. Anyway, ten per cent gives the grand total of 700 cases per annum multiplied by 27 years, makes 18 900 prosecutions for child abuse from 1979 until 2006. The number of prosecutions may seem small, but the 7 000 reports multiplied by 27 years brings the number of families that have been affected to 189 000. In unsubstantiated cases, suspected physical abuse of children is transformed into factual administrative and mental abuse of the children and their parents.

5. Ruby Harrold-Claesson says "I have been criticised for saying that Swedish children are badly behaved. Well, I am not the only one who finds that Swedish children are badly behaved. See for eg Roger Lord's article "The children are embarrassing Sweden"

6. Linda Skugge's article "We are bringing up a generation of monsters"

7. To normal thinking people, a well-behaved child is a joy to its parents, friends and the community at large; a badly behaved child is an abomination. The Daily Mail, March 13, 2007, has published the article, "The terror aged ten", about the 10-yr old boy who drinks, smokes pot, steals and terrorises his neighbourhood. See

8. and then the altimate of sues Bradford Lying:


Please make sure you listen to this Youtube movie.

To finish - Ruby again says "I am convinced that New Zealand has enough intelligent, level-headed politicians so they will not want their fellow citizens to have to make the same mistakes that Sweden has made. Bradford's Bill is not being progressive; it is being destructive and repressive. The French reporter, Jean-Francis Held, wrote the article "Smacking: Those Swedes must be crazy!"

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