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Family Integrity #186 -- Some encouragement

Family Integrity #186 -- Some encouragement
6 March 2007

Greetings all,

There are three parts to this email:
Part A : some encouragement
Part B : a peek into our possible future if this nutty bill goes through
Part C : some polls to vote in

And as always, please feel free to circulate these emails far and wide.


I received this from a reader of these newsletters:

"I felt like giving up last week (and no doubt you have felt like that too) but God was good and gave me the message to keep going. I went to a combined church thing last week and "happened" to sit next to Owen Jennings, ex MP. He encouraged me empathically to keep writing, that it does make a difference! It "raises the bar" every time we write. It makes it more difficult for MP's to bulldoze things through."

So hang in there friends!


An article in the UK says in part:

Children lack discipline and turn to crime because their parents are too scared to smack them, says one of Britain's most senior black policemen.

Parents no longer use physical punishment because they fear they will end up in court facing an assault charge, according to Supt Leroy Logan of the Metropolitan Police Force.

He says that the results have been a decline in respect, a rise in family breakdowns and an increasing number of children being put up for adoption.

He told the committee that "lack of respect and discipline in the home" was caused by "the parent feeling a sense of helplessness or a fear of prosecution in the moderate correction of their child".

Read more at:


Please vote in these two polls under 1 and 2 and see the results of the two previous polls under 3 and 4 .

You need to go to the websites to vote:

1. Do you support the proposed 'anti-smacking' bill?
Yes, I support the bill in its current form
I would support it if ammendments were made
No, I do not support the bill
Not sure

How about this as a result so far - this is yesterday's news:

1. Do you support the proposed 'anti-smacking' bill?

Yes, I support the bill in its current form 0%
I would support it if ammendments were made 0%
No, I do not support the bill 100%
Not sure 0%

Do you believe that the removal of section 59 will reduce child abuse in New Zealand?

Will a smacking ban stop you from smacking your children?
10% Yes
87% No
3% Not sure

This one can be found in the archives
Should parents have the right to smack their children for discipline?
Yes 90%
No 10%
Total Votes: 3880


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