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Family Integrity #182 -- Good Questions that need answers

Family Integrity #182 -- Good Questions that need answers
3 March 2007

Good Questions that need answers!

Feel free to use the press releases I'm sending any way you like. I already send them out to all the big and many small papers, but I don't know all the little local ones. So simply forwarding it to your local weekly advertiser would be a good idea.

As letters to the Editors, please feel free to use the ideas in these press releases as your own, cut and paste as you like, modify, edit, add more ideas....don't feel you need to quote the source. But do know that the more letters opposing this Bill that are received by the MPs and Letters to Editors, the more they are going to be influenced to vote against this terrible Bill.


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From: Ma
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Subject: Re: Family Integrity #180 -- Something to consider

Dear Craig,

Thanks for the initiative! Done! Also a question re those press releases. Are you looking for us to put direct copies of them into our local papers? I'm getting quite familiar with emailing MPs now, so I'm fine with cutting bits out of yours so they keep getting the same message from loads of us, it's just the nespaper bit that I'm on shaky ground - procedure etc. Is it fine to just put one of yours in, with a note at the beginning to say something like ' Family Integrity's Craig Smith recently said in a press release...' ?If they're happy to publish, then do as a series over a few issues?

Sorry, I know you're very busy, but any tips appreciated.

Warm regards,

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