Thursday, 8 March 2007

Family Integrity #180 -- Something to consider

Family Integrity #180 -- Something to consider

Dear Friends,

We need to convince the MPs to vote Bradford's Bill down. Please consider the following suggested course of action. It would only take a moment or two.

New Zealand First, as a party, is being silly. All 7 NZFirst MPs are List Candidates. To survive in the next election they'll need something to offer the voters.

If they opposed Bradford's Bill as a block, rather than split as they are at present, and put themselves forward as the party solidly against this Bill, I reckon 80% of NZers would love them for doing so.

Their votes could easily make the difference between success and failure of this Bill.

At present here is where the NZ First MPs are at:

For the Bill:
Hon Brian Donnelly
Doug Woolerton
Barbara Stewart

Against the Bill:
Rt Hon Winston
Ron Mark
Pita Paraone
Peter Brown

Here are all their email addresses, ready for you to copy and paste:;;;;;;

The suggested action is to send the following email to each of the NZFirst MPs above (as per instructions below) and then get everyone else you can to send the same email to these same MPs. (Only if you agree with the sentiments expressed in this email, of course.) Please understand the tactics here: it is simply known as Politics.

So, forward this email in its entirety to all your friends.

Then, to send the email message below to the NZFirst MPs listed above, do the following:

1. copy and paste the email below into a fresh new email message form (that is, DON'T just hit the reply or forward buttons)
2. put your name at the bottom under "Regards"
3. copy and paste the seven email addresses above into the "To:" box at the top of the message form
4. hit the "send" button. Piece of cake.

Here's the email:

Dear NZ First MPs,

Parliament needs decisive leaders, not tyrants. The New Zealand public is looking for such leaders, who will listen to them, rather than heedlessly walk over the top of them.

I am sure that if NZ First as a Party, and if the Rt Hon Winston Peters as the Leader were to now stand up and declare your united opposition to this grossly intrusive and subversive Bill of Sue Bradfords to repeal/rewrite Section 59, a good 80% or more of NZ voters would line up right behind you and support your sensible leadership and your party of sanity.

However, if any one of you NZ First MPs votes in favour of Bradford's Bill to repeal/rewrite Section 59, I promise you there is no way I will vote for NZ First with either my electorate or my party vote at the next election. Sorry, but I feel strongly about this. It is far too serious an issue.

This is how NZ First can secure its future -- or its demise -- on the New Zealand political landscape.


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