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Family Integrity #178 -- Third Press Release Ideas

Family Integrity #178 -- Third Press Release Ideas

Dear Friends,

This is the 3rd message sent as a press release and to some MPs we need to lobby (for that list, see: Please use any of these ideas in your own letters to MPs and Editors of newspapers,

These releases are being read! Garth George wrote an excellent article in the NZ Herald about Section 59 and quoted yours truly from one of these press releases! See:

Ruby Harrold-Claesson likes them too. And she's written some more info on the Chaos in Sweden. I've pasted her emails down below.

And do get hold of Larry Baldock's and Sheryl Savill's petition: it's easy to get signatures. Decide to collect 20 at least, then post them in straight away. See the home page at for instructions.

Also check out this site to help your lobbying efforts:


Craig Smith
National Director
Family Integrity
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Palmerston North
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Our Home....Our Castle

Press Release
1 March 2007

Did Mum Really Abuse Us?

Bradford and all those MPs who support repeal of Section 59 are saying that “reasonable force” when used to correct a wayward child should be defined as violence and abuse. Have I really been abusing my eight children for the past 26 years?

Perhaps they are smarter and wiser than my Grandma O’Hara. I mean she had to use a shotgun to blast the first rattlesnake she saw when the darn thing spooked her horse. She graduated from University in 1914, served as a nurse in WWI, weathered The Depression while taking in homeless folks, helped build aircraft in WWII, survived widowhood and a double mastectomy and then was so hardened by it all as to force me to pull weeds in her garden and to force me to eat my greens. I guess she was a bit of a hick compared to our sophisticated Labour and Green MPs. And I guess these MPs know better than I that my mum was actually being criminally violent and abusive to me and my four siblings when she smacked us into line, forcing us to work so hard and to study so much we couldn’t fully enjoy the rampant drug use, anti-war protests and promiscuity of our California community of the late 1960s. How could Mum be so mean as to make us become things like a Doctor of Dental Surgery, an Olympic level horse rider and trainer, a Public Relations manager for Apple Computers?

If Bradford’s Bill is passed, my children will need to look back upon Mum and Grandma as perverted sickos for forcibly correcting us kids when we cussed, cheated, thieved, beat each other up or failed to cheerfully offer assistance to others. And my wife and I have this quarter-century habit of forcibly correcting our children for the same things. Are we now to become criminals for doing so?

Have 80% of us Kiwis got it wrong? Is it we who are confused? Is it dumb of us to believe that our core job as parents is to correct and discipline our children so that our neighbours can walk through our neighbourhood in perfect safety or call upon us for help at any time? No. The screwy ideology to thoroughly subvert parental authority and make us all into criminals is wrapped up in this Bill and the shoddy propaganda pushing it. Dump Bradford’s Bill. Leave Section 59 intact, just as it is.

Craig Smith
National Director
Family Integrity
PO Box 9064
Palmerston North
New Zealand
Ph: (06) 357-4399
Fax: (06) 357-4389

Our Home....Our Castle

Bradford and co. must be made accountable.
At present, every Friday, there are demonstrations outside the court house in Ankara, Turkey, where 10 students read verses and passages of litterature that have qualified their authors for prison sentences, then they go into the police HQ and report themselves for committing the crime of insulting Turkey's integrity. Their aim is to make the system collapse.

If the Bradford bill should become law, then parents in NZ could report themselves. Thousands of parents reporting themselves would make the system collapse.

Unfortunately, the Swedish opposition reported the new law to the European Commission for Human Rights in 1979, but they didn't try to bring down the system.

Kind regards
Ruby H-C

Barnmisshandeln ökar i Sverige
24 februari 2007
Allt fler barn misshandlas i Sverige. Förra året fick åklagarna in 14 proc
fler fall av barnmisshandel än 2005.
Årligen anmäls ungefär 11.000 fall, Rädda Barnen beräknar att fyra av fem
anmälningar inte leder till åtal, skriver Svenska Dagbladet.
Enligt statistiken går 20 procent av alla förundersökningar till domstol.
Orsaken till att andelen uppklarade brott inte är högre beror på att våld
och sexuella övergrepp på barn är svårutredda. Särskilt gäller detta våld
inom familjen.


Child abuse increase in Sweden
24 February 2007

More and more children are being abused in Sweden. Last year, the prosecutors had a 14 % increase in child abuse cases as compared to 2005.

Every year there are about 11.000 reported cases, Save the Children reckons that four of five reports are prosecuted, according to The Swedish Daily.

According to the statistics 20 percent of all the investigations go to trial.

The reason why the number of unsolved crimes is not higher depends on the fact that violence and sexual assaults on children are difficult to investigate.

That is even more so concerning violence within the family.


28 Feb 2007
Here's more:

The situation in Sweden is chaotic. There is no order in the schools, the
adults in the schools don't dare take their responsibility to protect vulnerable children or correct their antagonists - despite the fact that children are obliged to attend school in Sweden. Home-schooling is very seldom accepted by the School Board. So parents have to send their children to school, or face the alternative of their children being fetched by the police and delivered to the school, and the parents being prosecuted.

In April 2005, a 13 yr old boy, Måns Jenninger, who lived in Lerum, a town 10 km from where I live, committed suicide because he had been bullied by his peers for years. The school authorities criticised the school stating that it is the adults responsibility to set the standards in the schools.

In April 2006, a new law was passed forbidding belittling treatment at school and the government created a new position at the School Board - The Child and Pupil Ombudsman (CPO). The CPO has obviously taken his appointment seriously because he demanded damages for two school boys in September 2006, and his claims have been successful.

On February 26, 2007 the following news was broadcasted.

Mobbade elever får skadestånd
Publicerad 26 februari 2007
Två skolpojkar, en i Norrköping och en i Stockholm, får i två pilotfall
skadestånd för att de har blivit mobbade.
Pojken i Norrköping får 25.000 kronor. I Stockholmsfallet har en förlikning
nåtts med de skolansvariga, men uppgörelsen är hemlig.
Det är första gången som skolelever får ersättning sedan den nya lagen mot
kränkande behandling i skolan infördes våren 2006.
Fallen har drivits av nyinrättade Barn- och elevombudet (BEO).
Den nya lagen ger drabbade elever större möjligheter till skadestånd, genom
att anmäla till BEO.

Bullied children awarded compensation

Two school boys, one in Norrköping and one in Stockholm, have been awarded damages because they have been bullied.

The boy in Norrköping was awarded 25.000 SEK in damages. In the Stockholm case, a friendly agreement was reached with the school's directors, but the agreement is confidential.

This is the first time that school children have been awarded damages since the new law against belittling treatment at school was passed in the Spring of 2006.

The cases were taken up by the newly appointed The Child and Pupil Ombudsman (CPO).

The new law gives victimised pupils greater possibilities of receiving compensation, by reporting to CPO.


The smacking ban started in the schools. The law forbidding "skol aga" was passed in 1958. The problems in the schools started after parents were forbidden to smack their children in 1979. In the beginning of the 1990's Swedish TV broadcasted a series of documentaries produced by a very famous TV-producer, Carin Mannheimer, showing the indiscipline in the schools.

Anyway, Sweden has a new Conservative government since October 2006, so we are hoping for changes. The School Minister has been talking about discipline etc. But it is going to be difficult to regain order in the schools if there is no order and discipline in the homes - the base of the society.

Keep up the good work



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