Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Family Integrity # 171 -- Petition

Dear Friends,

I do think we all need to get in behind this CIR (Citizens' Initiated Referendum) and each commit to collecting at least 20 signatures[please go to our home page to download the necessary forms]. This will be a piece of cake since poll after poll after poll consistently show that 80% of NZers don't want reasonable force as a method of child discipline banned. One of these petitions lines up with that position. The other says Parliament should investigate the REAL causes of child abuse.

Former MP Larry Baldock is behind these CIR Petitions. If we can get 300,000 signatures, the questions on the petition will be included with our voting papers at the next national elections. While the results are not binding on Parliament, they will be left in no doubt as to where NZers stand on the issues.

The Petitions can be downloaded from

If you have any questions about how these petitions work, or what you are supposed to do, please email Larry Baldock at

Thanks a million.

Craig Smith
National Director
Family Integrity

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