Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Family Integrity # 161 ---- Fund raising

Family Integrity # 161 ---- Fund raising


1. Thank you so much to those who gave donations in order to bring Ruby Harrold-Claesson out to New Zealand from Sweden. It was a successful trip in many ways.

A. Ruby convinced Childrens Commissioner Cindy Kiro that the figures Sue Bradford was quoting about child abuse in Sweden going down since smacking was banned there were wrong. Bradford and others were saying that a total of 9 children were abused to death from 1971 to 2000 (an average 0.03 per year). The facts are that from 1971 to 2000, 224 children died in Sweden from physical abuse by parents/care-givers, (an average of 7.4 children per year). You can watch Bradford trot out known lies on You Tube at:

B. Since Ruby's trip we don't hear much from Sue Bradford or Cindy Kiro about Sweden, although we know they are still looking to Sweden as a model: Cindy Kiro visited Sweden after Ruby's visit to New Zealand.

C. Our visit to the Families Commission and the Children Commission was very enlightening. Ruby mentioned the mismanagement by their equivalent of CYFs and Dr Rajen Prasad said "That is in Sweden. Sweden might mismanage their CYPs cases, but here in New Zealand we don't, and never will. We will make sure that they don't.” Cindy Kiro said the same thing when we were in her office. And now we have

which is letting the world know that New Zealand already has its share of mismanaged CYFs cases.

D. We learned much from Ruby, and she is continuing to take an active interest in what is happening in New Zealand.

2. NEW FUND RAISING PROJECT: "Kiss your Children Goodbye" Brochures
We printed off a small number in our first printing to meet urgent publication deadlines. We now have orders for nearly 2000 more brochures with orders coming in nearly every day. We have run out of money to print any more. We would like to see these brochures in nearly every home in New Zealand. We'd like to see 30 to 40,000 printed, costing around $10,000 or more. Are you able either to contribute to the cost of printing these brochures or/and able to distribute them in your area? Perhaps if you are collecting signatures for Larry Baldock’s CIR, you could give out a brochure at the same time. Please earmark your gift and contact us if you are able to distribute the brochures.

Kiss Your Children Goodbye

3. Ed Rademaker has been working for Family Integrity for 30-35 hours a week. This has been a real blessing during this busy time. But now we are out of funds so are looking for people to contribute to Ed's income. Please contribute to this fund and earmark your gift. Thank you.

Thanks for co labouring with us in this.
Craig and Barbara Smith

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