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Family Integrity # 157 -- This is not a subtle request for money!!!

Family Integrity # 157 -- This is not a subtle request for money!!!

Greetings all,

I'm forwarding this appeal, which comes from Bob McCoskrie's Family First organisation, for your consideration.

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05 Feb 2007

Hi Craig,

Sorry - no excuses on this one.... T

hi$ i$ a blatant plea for financial donation$!

Please help up oppose Sue Bradford's Anti-Smacking Bill - the 'wackiest bill of the year'!

Family First wants to get the facts into the public domain concerning the real causes of child abuse, the important role and rights of parents, and what the anti-smacking Bill is really about.

We have produced an advertisement which we would like to publish in the 2 major Sunday newspapers (Herald on Sunday and Sunday Star Times) just before the 2nd vote on this Bill (21 February). This ad campaign will accompany our OPEN LETTER which has had an unbelievable response following our call for signatories.

You can see the newspaper ad here -

The cost of the campaign is between $15,000 and $25,000 - the amount raised will determine the size and placing. (We already have a number of substantial donations pledged - any excess amount will be used to place ads in smaller newspapers.)

These ads will get the country, talkback hosts, social commentators and MP's talking - which is exactly what we want. Too many people are scared to speak up on this issue because they are labelled as child abusers or told that they condone violence. When the Families Commissioner stood before the Select Committee last year, he suggested that parents who smack are "violent" and committing "assault"!!

We need to challenge this ideology . A smacking ban will do more harm than good. 80% of kiwis consistently say that section 59 is not the problem.

(You can read a number of articles showing the dangers of this bill

If you would like to make a pledge towards this Campaign, please email - then we can determine what level of advertising we can afford. Any amount (small or large) will help us reach our target.

You can make your donation online


Thanks for your consideration, and for helping us defend the family.

Bob McCoskrie - National Director
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