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Family Integrity # 153 - A police officer who spanks his children

Family Integrity # 153 - A police officer who spanks his children

Greetings for 2007!

Here is an encouraging breath of common sense from a Police Officer in the USA who is responding to a piece of anti-smacking propaganda in a USA newspaper.

Craig Smith
National Director
Family Integrity


A police officer who spanks his children.

Here's one of several responses to today's column, this from a person named Jeff Morgan who says he is a decorated police officer in Maryland:

Rodricks - First, I need to tell you that I am a police officer in the Baltimore region, but some place other than Baltimore City.

I read your Sunday article about how you told a parent in New Jersey that they "can't" hit their child and was surprised when you were told to mind your own business, by responding, "It IS my business."

Let me start by telling you that it is NOT your business if a parent disciplines their child by smacking the child on the rear. There is no law against it and I love it when some liberal do-gooder calls me to respond because they saw a parent disciplining their child in the supermarket.

After checking the child to make sure that no "abuse" has occurred, I always congratulate the parent for taking the time to correct their child in a way that will leave an impression upon the youngster. Then I advise the caller that there is no law against spanking in this country (for now) and I tell them to have a nice day. (You ought to see the surprise on their faces...I imagine they look alot like you did when you were told to mind your own business.)

I'm sure you have heard many people tell you the "I was spanked as a child and it didn't hurt me any" line. But there is a lot of truth to that line. If I hadn't been spanked by GOD-fearing parents who did not spare the rod, I would not be a police officer today and I shudder to think of what might have happened to me.

In your articles, you are always wondering what's wrong with this world, and what is wrong with the youth today. You always complain about absent fathers and drug users not having role models and how these kids are facing terrible odds. You never seem to understand that articles like yours LEAD to the problems we have. I can speak with authority on this subject, having worked the streets for 12 years. I can point out the children who have never been spanked. I can point out the children who have never been disciplined. You know why? Because I am always at their houses, handling the problems their parents were never willing to handle.

Finally, I enjoy telling you that I have two children, 5 and 2. They are spanked regularly and are turning into beautiful, well-behaved little people, thanks to the correction that they get. My wife (also a police officer) and I will continue to spank our children as long as they need it.

Spanking isn't "violence". It's correction. I know to a liberal like you, it's impossible to understand the difference. I only wish it had been me in that line ahead of you. I would have enjoyed telling you personally why people like you are responsible for the current state of our youth.

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