Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Family Integrity #141 - New Reporting Date

Family Integrity #141 - New Reporting Date

Greetings all,
Well, we just got some good news. We can all spread our lobbying efforts over the next 4 weeks instead of the next couple of days.

Yesterday and today have been good practise.

Chester Borrows, National MP on the Select Committee considering Section 59, has just told us the following:

The Select Committee will meet again to consider this Bill on 20 and 21 November....next month!

They now plan to make their report to Parliament on Wednesday 22 November.

So we can prepare for next month. Continue to compose emails, faxes and letters for sending over the next 4 weeks.

Continue to view the DVDs and pass them around to others.

We'll keep in touch.

Thanks so much for your great efforts!!
Craig & Barbara Smith
National Directors
Family Integrity

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