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Family Integrity #139 A -- Final Countdown 1

Family Integrity #139 A -- Final Countdown 1


Final Countdown

This is the last week that Parliament is sitting before 31 October when the Select Committee is due to report back on Bradford's Bill to repeal Section 59 and make all good parents into criminals.

Strategy: Send a Firestorm of communications

Parliament needs to know the NZ Public does not want this Bill to proceed. All polls show 80% of NZers are against making smacking illegal.

Tues 24 October (tomorrow) Wed 25 October and Thurs 26 October Send a constant stream of emails, letters, faxes and phone calls asking MPs to vote against Bradford's Bill, asking them to keep Section 59 as it is. Parliament needs to pay attention to the silent majority. (Facts and ideas below.)

Several years ago the home schoolers of the USA were asked to do the same to the US Congress in Washington DC to protest HR6, an anti-homeschooling Bill. They sent so many messages and phone calls, it jammed the switchboards and closed down communications for nearly two days! The Congressmen got the message and the Bill got thoroughly buried by Congress, with only one vote in its favour: its author.

Send a constant stream of emails, faxes, letters and phone calls to the MPs.

MPContacts (two lists):

1.) This is a PDF file containing all the contact details of each MP. http://tinyurl.com/y8xhgm
(If you don't have a PDF Adobe Acrobat reader, it can be downloaded for free at: http://tinyurl.com/t4eqn)

2.) See separate email following this one.

Emails: send emails to every email address listed. Some are at the MP's office in Wellington, some at their office in their electorate. Send emails to them all. Send several a day. Send them on Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday. If you copy and paste each email address into an email form, you can use that one over and over again, just changing the content of the email's message each time. Pasting them into the BCC (blind copy) section is less annoying to those who receive it.

Faxes: The ones with the (04) prefix are the ones at their Wellington office. This is the one to use. Send the same fax to each MP. Change it slightly, and send it again. Send dozens of faxes to your own MP, each one different. Send them on Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday.

This does take time and it does cost more than emails, but your grandchildren's futures are at stake. It is a tiny investment to make for the future security of our country.

Letters: Write to your own MP, at least one a day on Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday. When you post it to:
MP(first name / last name)
c/- Parliament Buildings

you do not need to put a stamp on it. Send one to each MP. Yes it takes time, put it only costs the paper and envelope: this is a great investment for the future of New Zealand.

Phone: Ring the Wellington office (04) prefix. Leave a message to ring back. Yes, this also takes time and costs. The investment is well worth it. (Simple message: "Hello, this is Fred Dagg in Palmerston North. Please vote against Bradford's Bill to repeal Section 59. This Bill will make all good parents into criminals. Thank you. Goodbye.") (If they want to argue, simply reply, "Well, I don't want to discuss it, I simply want to ask you to vote against the repeal of Section 59. Thank you. Goodbye.")

Important: Always be polite and respectful, cool, calm and collected. Please never resort to rudeness, sarcasm, exaggeration. The facts and common sense and what is right are on our side. We don't need other tactics.

So please pass this email around. Time is Short. Get the word out far and wide. Please fast and pray, be informed, and encouraged, and ACT NOW!

Craig and Barbara
4 Tawa Street
Palmerston North
New Zealand
Phone: (06) 357-4399 F
ax: (06) 357-4389

Facts & Ideas (more at www.FamilyIntegrity.org.nz ):

Repealing Section 59 will make all good parents into criminals, guilty of assault, who (against the child's will) so much as make their child finish its veggies or carry it to its room for bedtime or make it change its clothes or even give it a cuddle.

This being the case, virtually all parents will find their parenting activities criminalized. They only await being complained about, anonymously, to the police or a social worker by a nosey neighbour, a busybody onlooker who sees something out of context, a relative with an ax to grind or an angry, unthinking child unaware of the horrible consequences of making such a complaint....the police are obliged to investigate or refer to social workers.

Any form of smacking, however light, will be a clear case of assault, worth as much as two years in jail (see Section 194(a) of the Crimes Act).

Polls of all kinds have consistently shown 80% of NZers agree that parents should be able to use reasonable smacks with children when needed.

If Section 59 is repealed, the only ones allowed to use any force with our children for correction, training or discipline will be the Police and social workers. None of us wants our children in trouble with the Police.....that's why we correct, train and discipline while they're young. And social workers generally only correct geography not behaviour (that is, where the child is allowed to stay: with you or with the police or with a foster home or with some other institution.)

It is totally unreasonable to make the "reasonable force" of Section 59 into a crime, which has to mean that "reasonable force" is now to be considered "unreasonable force" since it is a crime.

Section 59 gives parents legal authority to use reasonable force to correct, train and discipline their children. It recognises that parents have a responsibility and authority to correct, train and discipline. If Section 59 is repealed, parents will lose the legal authority to use reasonable force to back up their authority in the correction, training and discipline process. If police could not use force (arrest, fines, imprisonment) to back up their authority, people would soon ignore them. Children would soon learn to ignore parents if Section 59 is repealed. This is a recipe for social chaos.

Stated purpose of Bill: To reduce violence toward children.

First: violence, injury, abuse and excessive force are already illegal (see Sections 62, 167, 188, 189, 193, 194, 195 of the Crimes Act).

Second: Repeal will massively increase the range of behaviours not authorised by law, namely, every use of reasonable force by parents to train, correct or discipline their children. (Family Integrity holds a letter from former Police Commissioner Rob Robinson's legal advisor, Dr A. Jack, and a letter from current Police Commissioner Howard Broad both confirming this as fact. Also, repeal will not affect a parent's legal authorisation to use reasonable force to remove a child from harm's way or to restrain a child from harming itself, others or property.)

Third: Any such act which is opposed by the child will become by definition an act of criminal assault (see definition of assault in Section 2 of the Crimes Act).

Fourth: This means responsible parents engaged in training, correcting and disciplining their children will be largely criminalized.

Fifth: Since repeal of Section 59 has the effect of re-defining reasonable force as assault, violence (via assault) toward children will in fact increase.

Sixth: It is misguided and irrational to criminalise parenting efforts to train, correct and discipline their children.

Seventh: It is misguided and irrational to re-define reasonable force as criminal assault.

Eighth: This Bill does nothing to address the real causes of violence against children: alcohol and drug abuse, pornography, school bullying, the culture of death promoted by the abortion industry.

For more information read: By Fear and Fallacy by Michael L Drake http://FamilyIntegrity.org.nz/page/873810

or go to: www.FamilyIntegrity.org.nz

If you have been forwarded this email and would like to be on Family Integrity's "email newsletter list" then please send an email to Family.Integrity@xtra.co.nz and put "Count me in" in the subject line.

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