Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Family Integrity # 136 -- Stick together

Family Integrity # 136 -- Stick together

Dear Friends,

The email below just arrived today. See how effective it can be when like-minded folks stick together and join in simple, direct action?

We're in the last days of this Bill's passage through Parliament: it is supposed to be reported on by the Select Committee by 31 October, and the second and third (final) votes taken sometime after that. Please, get everyone you know to write...to email....to ring...their MP, all the MPs, and ask them to please vote against Bradford's Bill to repeal Section 59. Constant pressure will do the job.

MPs are sitting in Parliament on the following days:

24, 25, 26 October
7, 8, 9 November
14, 15, 16 November
21, 22, 23 November

and they're most likely in their home electorates apart from that. To contact by mail at Parliament (no postage stamp needed), post to:

Name of MP
c/- Parliament Buildings

To contact by email at Parliament, send to: FirstName.LastName@parliament.govt.nz

Otherwise visit:
http://www.parliament.govt.nz/NR/rdonlyres/5858C8A5-ACDF-4B35-8D7A-3ABB7B19ACDB/40463/ListOfMembers1820096.pdf for each MP's full contact details.

Keep the pressure on.

Craig Smith
National Director
Family Integrity
PO Box 9064
Palmerston North
New Zealand
Ph: (06) 357-4399
Fax: (06) 357-4389

Our Home....Our Castle

-----Original Message-----

From: AFA ActionAlert
Sent: Friday, October 20, 2006 9:58 AM
To: Craig Smith
Subject: AFA forces NBC to cancel scene mocking crucifixion of Christ

Donald E. Wildmon
Founder and Chairman
October 19, 2006

Please help us get this information into the hands of as many people as possible by forwarding it to your entire email list of family and friends.

AFA forces NBC to cancel scene mocking crucifixion of Christ

Dear Craig,

AFA supporters have won a great victory! The efforts of AFA Online supporters has forced NBC to cancel a scene in the upcoming Madonna special in which she mocks the crucifixion of Christ!

More than 750,000 AFA supporters emailed NBC asking for the scene to be deleted from the special which is scheduled to air in November. NBC saw a potential loss of $25,000,000 and decided to edit out the scene.

We were effective because we stuck together and combined our voices. Our supporters not only emailed NBC, but they also called their local NBC stations. Those stations contacted NBC and the network listened. The scene is gone!

Please help us grow by forwarding this to your friends and family and invite them to become a part of AFA Online. If we who believe in traditional values join together, we can accomplish much.

If you think our efforts are worthy, would you please support us with a small gift? Thank you for caring enough to get involved.

Donald E. Wildmon,
Founder and Chairman
American Family Association

P.S. Please forward this e-mail message to your family and friends!

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