Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Family Integrity # 175 -- Collecting Signatures easy

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Hi Craig,
Just like to say, Yes, you're right. It is easy getting signatures for petition. People just seem to be waiting for someone to come along so they can do something about the situation. My husband has collected about 100 signatures in 2 days with only 1 refusal, from trucking companies and the industrial areas he is around at work. One comment made to me today by a lady was, " I am so glad someone is doing something".

Download the petition and instructions from our homepage at

Also, do visit for help in emailing the MPs.

Both these things require urgent attention as the third and final reading of the Bill is likely to be on 14 or 28 March. There is now an urgency to lobby the MPs very hard. By email. By letter. By phone. By Fax. And collect signatures NOW to show the MPs that the Kiwi in the street doesn't want this bill to go through.


Craig Smith
National Director
Family Integrity

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