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9 March 2007 Family Integrity #189 -- Eighth Press Release Ideas

9 March 2007 Family Integrity #189 -- Eighth Press Release Ideas

Dear Friends,

This is the 8th message sent as a press release and to some MPs we need to lobby (for that list, see:

Please use any of these ideas in your own letters to MPs and Editors of newspapers,

And do get hold of Larry Baldock's and Sheryl Savill's petition: it's easy to get signatures. Decide to collect 20 at least, then post them in straight away. See the home page at

Also check out this site to help your lobbying efforts:


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Calling Good Evil

I converted to Christianity at age 23, some 33 years ago, from a life of hedonism. I understand the terms “debauchery” and “licentiousness” and how destructive they are.

But this Government has tried to remove the social stigma attached to the irresponsible lifestyles of debauchery and licentiousness by enhancing the legal status of homosexuals and de factoes, fully legalising prostitution, allowing younger people freer access to alcohol, refusing to replace the unrepresentative and thoroughly desensitised film censors, pushing condom use in schools, allowing party drug use to grow, fostering an abortion-on-demand environment and ensuring contraceptive and abortion supply are the only medical areas where children don’t need parental knowledge or consent. “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil,” says Isaiah 5:20.

Being personally convinced of the Bible’s definitions of what constitutes good and evil, like thousands of other New Zealand parents, I am unafraid to shoulder my responsibilities toward my children and toward society by using reasonable force, including smacking, to correct my children’s expressions of evil, anti-social behaviour. Woe to me if I don’t. This is a social good the Government is trying to claim is an evil by repealing Section 59.

Why is this Government being so irrational, anti-family and anti-Christian, that it will gladly commit untold damage to good families via Police investigations and untold abuse and trauma to children via CYFS intervention?

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