Monday, 29 October 2007

FI - 299

29 October 2007 - Family Integrity #299 -- Family First - Let's Finish What We Started!

LET'S FINISH WHAT WE STARTED We all want to deal with our appalling rate of child abuse in New Zealand.

The government's response was to criminalise good parents who corrected their child with a light smack

and the child abuse continues....

Then they spent millions on media advertisements telling us what we already knew - that violence was not ok

and the child abuse continues....

WHY? Because they fail to identify or deal with the factors which lead to a greater chance of child abuse as identified in every UNICEF and CYF report - namely, family breakdown, drug and alcohol abuse, low maternal age at birth, poverty, poor housing, and single parenthood.

See our 5-point Action Plan at

Help us make 'CHILD ABUSE' and 'FAMILY BREAKDOWN' an Election Issue in 2008

There is currently a petition which has over 200,000 signatures demanding that a Referendum be held on this issue.

If we can get the required 300,000 signatures, child abuse and family breakdown will become an election issue in 2008 and political parties will have to tell us how they are going to deal with our unacceptable rate of child abuse - solutions that are practical, achievable, and targeted at the real causes of child abuse. Then you can vote accordingly.

Please join us in November for

"The Great New Zealand Table Challenge"

Family First NZ is joining with a new group

Unity for Liberty and other groups in inviting all concerned New Zealanders across the country to 'take up arms' - that means pens, tables and petition forms!

When: The Month of November (Saturdays, if you can do more days even better)

Where: The length and breadth of New Zealand

Why: To achieve the 300,000 signatures for the Citizens Initiated

How: By being available in your own communities for NZ'ers to sign the petition. Ring up a local shop and ask to run a table outside their business
on a Saturday or for a few days. Perhaps a sports field - mid-week touch - flower shows - Expos - wherever there's a crowd (the possibilities are endless!)


Start planning now. Grab family and friends - borrow a table, and print off a pile of petition forms and you're all set to go.

Thank you for taking action on this important matter. As Billy Graham said, "Our motto too often seems to be, 'Stay aloof. Don't get involved. Let somebody else stick his neck out.' In the face of all kinds of conditions screaming to be rectified, too many of us find ourselves afflicted with moral laryngitis."

Let's speak up - and demand that as a country, we tackle actual causes of child abuse with solutions that will work.

Kind regards
Bob McCoskrie

P.S. If everybody who received this email collected just 30 signatures on each petition we would reach our target. It's that easy!! So aim for 100 signatures to avoid any doubt!

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