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24 October 2007 - Family Integrity #297 -- U4L, table challenge update

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Hi All,

Very encouraged with the progress and the preparation thats happening around the country.

How Important are the TABLES? answer "VERY"

From the tables we manned to date, we are hearing many different stories and situations, and there has also been a few sad CYFS stories. If you hear any SAD CYFS stories please take details and forward these contacts to Family First.

The tables also remind the public, I have lost count of the number of people who have gone out of their way to encourage us to continue and are also encouraged that not all NZer's are being apathetic.

There is one special lady in Howick, Barbara from Precepts, we met her at one of our tables, unfortunately Saturday tables are very hard for her to support, from our last Howick table we had a number of the public respond saying that "I have already signed, it was Barbara from Precepts ." Well done Barbara.

I attended a meeting of about eight men in Howick to explain the purpose of "Unity for Liberty", two of the men had first hand contact with our tables, people do notice.

Recent collections over the past week include a very successful campaign in Hawkes Bay at the A & P show, they collected 1246 signatures in three days. If there is anyone in the Hawks Bay area who would like to assist in any further campaigns please email our coordinaters at

In South Auckland we had tables in Papakura and Howick, these tables collected 1495 signatures over 5 days .(including Targa Day in Papakura)

Some more Great New Zealand Table Challenge activities, if I have missed your initiative please e-mail me details, Thanks.

Starting from the: North Shore, one Church homegroup are planning a table for the last Two weeks of November

West Auckland, theres going to be a bit of action here, yet to be confirmed

Howick, there should be at least two tables over the four weeks

Mangere, again there is a bit of action here, final plans to be confirmed

Manurewa, in the process of gearing up a mid week table and Saturday doorknocking

Papakura, have one table running mid week when volunteers are available, also a great place for Saturday doorknocking

Pukekohe, gearing up a table for the main street for all 4 Saturdays

Christchurch, there should be five tables running here and looking for doorknocking teams, for further information please email

Also a table at the A&P Show.

Invercargill we have a recent registration who will be promoting the collection of signatures through several companies, good initiative.

If you'd like to help with one of the above groups, please email area contact or myself at

Here's the equation: 2500 people x 10 signatures per Saturday of November = 100,000 signatures.

Any queries please feel free to contact me
Craig Hill

"All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing" (Edmund Burke 1729-1797)

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