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FI 294

15 October 2007 - Family Integrity #294 -- U4L Table Challenge Press release

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Press Release

Unity for Liberty calls for calm and action; not hysteria and hype in the lead-up to the next election.

The degree of family breakdown in New Zealand society is evident by the increasing number of brutal child abuse cases that are coming before the courts. There are many reasons for the current level of family dysfunction in New Zealand, but much of it flows from government policy established by the current political leaders. A rampant welfarism and laws that undermine parental authority have worked to dissolve the family unit. We now find ourselves in the ludicrous situation where the same political leaders and public servants, such as Cindy Kiro, are backing harsher sentences for child abuse.

Unity for Liberty sympathizes with those calling for harsher penalties but warns of the danger that now exists where under the current situation good parents are not protected by law. This will mean that the family unit will be further eroded by zealous government staff. It will require more than hype and hysteria to change this situation and turn our society from total disaster. We need laws that will protect and honour the roll of good parents in raising their children. We need to adopt policy that encourages and protects the family unit.

To effect change requires that clam and deliberate steps be made. The first step for New Zealanders is to petition for a citizens initiated referendum so they can have their say at the 2008 election.

To achieve this requires 300,000 signatures.

Unity for Liberty invites all concerned New Zealanders to be involved with 'The Great New Zealand Table Challenge' during the month of November. Download the petition now. Download from Click it...Sign it...Send it.

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