Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Investigate magazine's breaking news forum - Confused law, more goverment interference in our daily lives

Confused law, more goverment interference in our daily lives

The police hierarchy has just issued guidelines to the front line on how to implement the Bradford bill.

And their guidelines show just how uncertain they are.

The guide advises police to check with prosecution services, child abuse investigators, family violence co-ordinators or legal services when in doubt.

It says the law does not define the age of a child, but some law defines it as under 18 and others as under 14.

The police are also questioning the definition of a parent or acting parent.

And they say there is no definition of reasonable force, although the guidelines note that everyday tasks of caring for children are allowed.

The circular says it is clear a parent is allowed to move a child, but may not detain a child in an unreasonable manner or for a unreasonable period.

Even if smacking was inconsequential, in some cases a prosecution might be warranted if warnings were not heeded.

The guide said that when investigating child assault cases, police had to consider the amount of force used as well as factors such as evidence and common sense.

It recommended that minor incidents be recorded and guidance offered and more serious cases brought to Child, Youth and Family's attention.

With this level of confusion the opportunity for persecution by over zealous officials increases, of course.

Pity the poor parent whose two year old has a tantrum in the mall, they have just invited government busybodies the opening they need to interfere in their lives.

Of course the big government types are thrilled.

After all nanny knows best.

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