Wednesday, 20 June 2007

20 June 2007 - Family Integrity #266 -- Apology and Clarification in relation to #265

Dear Friends,

This is in relation to the last Family Integrity Mailout #265 -- Thinking of Going Off to Auzzie?

Please forgive me. I apologise. I have made an error of judgement in the way I introduced this subject. It sounds as if I am recommending that people leave NZ...that was not my intention.

It was unwise and unhelpful of me to send out that email with an introduction that made it sound as if I was promoting the idea of fleeing the country.

Please let me say it plainly: I am not promoting the idea of leaving NZ to go to Australia.

I had been asked by a number of folks about the possibility of moving to Australia and so decided to collect some information. Those who asked about the possibility of moving to Australia specifically asked about the smacking laws and the home education laws. Consequently I specifically addressed these things in that last email #265.

Lord willing, I will write something about how we can respond to this law which makes it a criminal offense to correct one's own children if it involves the use of any level of force at all. Whatever commentary I may write will of necessity also deal with some of the implications of this new legislation...and yet the implications are also rather vague due to the complete lack of definitions of most of the key terms in the law and the lack of any case law as yet.

Please forgive me and please accept my apologies for stirring up unnecessary fear or warnings to flee the country. We each need to soberly assess the situation and work out what to do.

Craig Smith
National Director
Family Integrity
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