Friday, 22 June 2007

22 June 2007 - nicholasokane - from-now-on-good-parents-may-face-prosecution-for-a-light-smack

From now on, good parents may face prosecution for a light smack.

Today, the Crimes (substitution of section 59) Ammendment Act takes effect. From now on it will be a crinimal offence to give your child a light smack for the purpose of correction. And incase you believe the spin that no parent who gives a light smack will be prosecuted think again. The Police have released new guidlines indicating how they interprete the law in which parents who even use “minor, trivial” and “inconsequential” force to discipline their children will have their names and details recorded by Police. If the smacking is “repetitive and frequent” the parent may face prosecution. The source of this post is the article “Regular smackers may face prosecution” from yesterdays Dominion Post.

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