Monday, 30 July 2007

30 July 2007 - Family First - Our Silence is Killing Us

Our Silence is Killing Us

Each week another New Zealand child’s life is extinguished or damaged because violent parents or caregivers will not meet or can not cope with their responsibilities.

We are sick and tired of doing nothing while our babies and children are being abused and murdered.

When our families are messed up, our nation is messed up.

Please forward this letter to as many people as possible

Read what happened to little 3 year old Nia from Rotorua who lies in Starship Hospital at the moment

Read what happened to 3 year old Ngati from Otara, and the pathetic punishment his mum and step-dad received

Read a 5 point action plan, designed to get the problem away from Politics and political agendas, and into the hands of local communities and organisations.

YES! You can do something...

1. Download and print off the petition forms demanding a Referendum on Child Abuse , and opposing the politicians’ response to child abuse of criminalising good parents!

Pass it around the office, neighbourhood, church, community organisation – and send it in as soon as possible.


Don't let it be 'swept under the carpet' like the Kahui case.

2. Please forward this letter to as many people as possible

Our silence is deafening and our children are suffering.

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