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1 July 2007 - - Labor MP seen smacking

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Sun 1st July 2007
Labor MP seen smacking
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It seems one of Labor’s MPs has broken their own “No Smacking law” yet he will not be prosecuted as no complaint was made from witness nor 2 year old child. Advice to all MPs, “Don’t take tots to shopping centres. That’s a testing area for parents.” lol


But on a more serious note. One of my neighbours came over last Friday night to talk because she is finding herself between a rock and a hard place at work. The childcare centres are getting hit hard over this new law and the top level management are blaming the staff of centres for not being able to control young children from hurting other children. My neighbour has spent many years working in the childcare centres and prior to that she was a strong advocate for women’s refuge. That was back when they would try and help the relationship sort out their difficulties unlike today where the refuges insist that the women do not have any contact with her husband and encourgae her to cut all ties between the fathers and children.

Anyhow, back to the childcare centre. 4 staff have already quit in the last month and my neighbour is having to do extra shifts. The childcare centre is finding it hard to replace the staff so she is quitting herself. Sad because she is great with kids and as she is older now, her opportunities for work are less than if she was younger. She says it is the culture in the children something the staff cannot change. I am not too sure what is going on behind closed doors but it doesn’t sound right if the staff are leaving.

This is the same scenario that happened to CYFS. Once upon a time CYFS workers were real life experienced men and women until policies and management made the employees work time miserable. And now we have young fresh out of school social workers who have no children themselves decide whether our children are safe with us parents.

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